Thursday, June 16, 2011

But it's so easy!

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to transform your life and become healthy? If you break it down to what it really is, it's quite simple.

Eat less, eat healthier, move your body everyday.

It's so easy!

Stop drinking soda and juices.
Load up on water.
Eat more fruits and veggies.
Limit your sweets and extra sugar.
Move your body at least 30 minutes a day.

Easy peasy!

But it's not.
It's not easy.
Or am I just making it harder than it needs to be?

Have you ever known someone that makes it look so easy? They are 30 pounds overweight, wake up one day, decide to start exercising and eating healthy and boom 3 months later the extra 30 pounds is gone forever. Or someone that loses 100 pounds in a year.

Of course these people had struggles and slip ups along the way but they picked themselves up and kept on the EASY, healthy path.

I told myself when I got to 244 pounds that I would never see the 250's again. This morning I stepped on the scale at 250.6

I've become so obsessed with food and soda that I forgot how much better the feeling of losing weight is than the taste of the food and soda.

Time for me to hop back on the easy path.

1 comment:

  1. The fact is you CAN do it as long as you keep believing in yourself and don't stop doing that.

    Whatever you do, don't punish yourself for being human, but you can be mindful about the need to change your body composition, because you now have a little child, who will soon be able to use you as an example of how to live and that can be a massive motivation to change, because you love her and because you DO have enough for your partner, your daughter and you too, so there's plenty to give to others without you not getting enough.

    Be strong, chin up and don't worry about slipping up. It's a case of learning from it and moving on quickly.


    :-) :-).