Monday, May 17, 2010

New Friends?

Thanks everyone for your kind words. I love having the blogging community to fall back on for constant support. You guys are awesome :-)

Anyways, tomorrow I am 27wks pregnant. That means I will be starting my third trimester. How crazy is that?! Time is absolutely flying. I will post a picture soon of my growing belly. I got my blood glucose results and everything came back normal so no gestational diabetes for me. Woo hoo! I am slightly anemic though so I have to start taking an iron supplement daily. I'm hoping this might help with my constant hunger problem. We'll see.

I also wanted to know if anyone had any weightloss/fitness blogs that they enjoy reading that you think I might enjoy as well. I'm looking to add some blogs to my reader for more inspiration. If you have any suggestions that would be great!

Hope you are all having a wonderful Monday!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pregnancy Vent

I feel the need to vent and since this is my blog I guess I have the right to do it here.

Lately all these pregnancy hormones have really been getting to me. I'm happy one minute and the next minute I'm bawling for no reason. The worst part is that it's so hard to make yourself stop when there's really no reason that you started. Today I went for a drive to clear my head and all it really did was make me think about every emotion I'm feeling.

Sometimes I feel lonely. I don't know why because I live with 4 other people, I have great friends at work and my weekends usually consist of spending a lot of time with my friends. I think a lot of it right now has to do with the fact that I'm pregnant and I only get to see my boyfriend once a week. It's hard having a bond like a child and wanting to share every moment of my pregnancy with him and I can't. And on top of that he is so busy working right now to save for the baby that it's really hard to talk to him a lot on the days we aren't together.

Another thing that has just been getting to me a lot is not feeling needed. A lot of things in my past have caused me to lose a lot of my ability to trust. I have a hard time trusting that people aren't going to just up and leave me especially when times get hard. I can't wait until my daughter is born because I know that she will need me and love me just as much as I love her.

Right now I'm just taking it day by day. My life is very good and i don't want this to seem like a woe me post I just needed to get some things off of my chest.

Thanks for listening or reading I should say. Hope you guys all had a great weekend. I think I need to get some rest.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Poached Eggs?

Hey guys! Happy super duper Friday!! I love that I can lay in bed and blog. How fun =)

Anyways I was wondering if anyone has had poached eggs before. Are they any good? Are they worth the extra cook time? I'm trying to find some creative meals that might help me stay fuller longer and I was thinking maybe poached eggs and a bowl of fruit for breakfast.

What do you guys think? Any other suggestions for some good breakfast foods?

Have a wonderful weekend!! I'm counting down the days until I can rejoin the weight loss/fitness world =)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Testing 123...

Hey guys! I bought myself an iPhone! Very excited about that especially since it will be much easier for me to post and put comments on all of your guys' blogs. Woo hoo! Anyways this is just a post to make sure the app I got works lol

Hope you are all having a wonderful day, tomorrows Friday!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Wow Really?

Wow, I can't belive I haven't posted since March. Time sure flies!! I decided since I'm not doing anything on this gloomy Saturday that I'll take some time to update my blog and all of you guys on what's been going on. I'm updating my 'weight' column on the side of my blog because I have gained weight. I know that it's obviously because of my pregnancy but that doesn't mean I won't have to lose it again once the baby comes so I'm including it in that column. I will also take some photos of my blossoming belly for you all to see!

I will be 26 weeks pregnant on Tuesday and I can't belive that my little peanut will be here in a little over 3 months! It's craaaaazy to think about. We found out that we're having a little girl! :-) We're both very excited about that even though my boyfriend wanted a boy at first. Of course he is fine with either one as long as she's healthy. The name we have picked out is Kaliya (kuh-lee-uh) but that could change by August.

As crazy as it sounds I'm really really ready to get back into exercising. I walk on a daily basis and we're doing a wellness challenge at work to see how many steps you can walk daily. My average so far is about 6500 steps. Although walking is a great way to exercise, especially for me right now, I really want to get back in the gym and lift weights and bike hard intervals on the exercise bike. I also have been reading about people who do "stair climbing". Basically they have events around the country similar to 5K's and half marathons and triathalons except instead of running or walking you climb flights of stairs in tall buildings. I don't know why but something about this really intrigues me. Maybe because I know it's such a tough thing to do and I'm ready for a good challenge to get me into shape. Anyways, I'm excited to have this baby and start exercising again.

I hope you are all doing wonderful! And Happy Mother's Day (tomorrow) to all the mothers out there :-)