Thursday, October 14, 2010

P90X/Brazilian Butt Lift: COMING SOON!

Hey guys! I've finally ordered P90X and Brazilian Butt Lift and they came in the mail yesterday. Never have I been so excited over a dvd in my life! :-) I ordered a new scale and a set of resistance bands from and they are expected to arrive today so I'll be all set and ready to go. I've decided to wait to start until Monday for a few reasons.
1. I know I should have the, "why wait, I'm going to start today" mentality but with how crazy my schedule is right now with a newborn, school and work it's easier to just ride out the rest of this week as I usually do and focus on figuring out a new weekly schedule from here on out.
2. Sunday is my birthday (woot woot!) and I think it would be fun to restart my healthiness journey the day after my birthday. A nice fresh start if you will.
3. I'm nearly out of groceries for the week and the only time I'm really ever able to fit in grocery shopping in Sunday night.
I'm going to be doing a P90X/BBL hybrid that I still have to draw out. I'm not sure if I will be doing the scheduled workouts every day from both programs or if I'll switch off. We'll see what I come up with. I'll also take before and after measurements and photos to post on here. Quick question for everyone. I've never done measurements before so how do I make sure I'm taking the before and after measurements from the same spot? Do you just do a rough estimate?
Thanks in advance :-)

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  1. Taking measurements.

    Arms on the peak of the Bicep.

    Chest just below the breast area.

    Waist arond the Naval.

    Legs, around the half way point on the Quad, between the Thigh and Knee.

    Calf, around the midway point on the Calf, between the Knee and achillies heel.

    Neck, self explanatory.

    Then you can replicate the next time you're doing them for comparisons.

    Just make sure you do a cold measurement, not warm, because if you've trained not long beforehand, and any areas are a bit pumped, it can often falsify the readings a little.

    Best to measure about 24 hours after a workout, so any potential inflation of any muscles, has a chance to subside.

    Good luck with your goals, be proud of yourself and keep on keeping on.

    :-) :-).