Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Do you ever feel powerful?
Like you can just conquer the world?
I've been pretty stressed lately. Going back to work has really made it hard to keep up with school and I've fallen slightly behind. It's nothing a little hard work can't fix but it's stressful. I wanted to call in sick today because, well I am sick and just super tired. I knew that if I called in sick I would probably lose my job so I had to just tough it out and come to work today.
For some reason as I was walking to my car I felt powerful. My heels were clicking against the ground, I had my brand new purse over my shoulder and I had my healthy breakfast smoothie in my hand. I felt good, I felt great, I felt powerful. I have no idea why but I plan to capture that feeling as I start again on this journey.
I need to have the power to overcome.
To persevere.
To know I can do it.
To know I am worth it.
To know my daughter is worth it.
I invite you to all join me in finding your inner power. Because you all are worth it too!


  1. Wow! This post was a double-dose of can-do. I like it!

  2. You were always worth it. I just think that sometimes you never realised how much.

    This is your chance to show people how much.


    :-) :-).


  3. I believe you have the power to do it! xoxo!