Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fresh Start

I want this, I really do. So why am I not doing it like I should? Because my worst enemies are standing in my way. Laziness and Excuses. Well guess what? I'm over it. I'm over laziness, I'm over excuses, I'm over being fat, I'm over being unhappy. I'm over it. So here's to a fresh start. I will weigh myself tonight since I have yet to weigh myself considering my dumb scale is broken. And I will officially 'start over' today. I need to up my gym time and really work my ass off while I'm there. I need to make everything count if I'm going to do this. I feel rejuvenated and re-energized. No more fast food, no more sweets, lots more water, lots more sweat, less fat and less calories. I will be bringing meals with me when I go visit my boyfriend (since he is a fast food maniac), and drinking lotssss more water. Thank you to all of you for inspiring me to start fresh and healthy! Happy Tuesday!


  1. thank you for the kind words!! Fresh starts are always good. Just remember that when you have a bad day, you can always start over and the more little good things you do, will add up over time. Just build on what you have accomplished and work towards your goal! Let me know if you need any help!

  2. im so glad i have inspired you to start weight training! it is honestly what has turned my body to what it is. Cardio just makes you a smaller version of you, but weights are what gives you a *BodY!*

    I usually cook my egg whites scrambled. Sometimes i will make hard boiled eggs and just eat the whites, but i love scrambling egg whites, onion, green pepper, red pepper flakes, and regular pepper together. It tastes delicious!

  3. i have many motivators and that is what keeps me going and gets me out of bed.

    -for one, the small changes i see in my body everyday help motivate me. it might be only a tiny little change or maybe it will be a big one, but the changes i see motivate me to make more changes

    -another motivator is that i know i always feel better after i work out. in a way i feel accomplished and i feel strong. i love feeling those things. i know hwen i don't work out, i am more prone to being negative because i feel lazy

    -i also have a picture of kristal richardson on my mirror in my bathroom and that motivates me because i want to look like her!! haha

    Basically if you want to exercise every day or most days you have to just do it. Even if you plan on doing NOTHING, get your butt to the gym, chances are you will end up doing at least something. its about making it a habit and once you are in a habit, its just what you do. so get at it girly!!! i know you can!!