Thursday, December 3, 2009

Apparently My Body Could Care Less...

...that I haven't worked out for a week because I lost 4.6 pounds this week. The scale read 229.2 pounds. That's great, that’s wonderful, I met my goal for Christmas (I'll be re-doing that goal shortly) and I have officially lost 40 pounds in 4 months but I have mixed feelings about it. Call me crazy but I do. I am the type of person that over thinks EVERYTHING. So I will share my thought process with you. Ready?
Here goes nothing, hope I don't gain too much.
Wait that says 229.2. The scale is obviously broken, let's try that again.
Nope still says 229.2. Hmm.
Well now I have to redo my Christmas goal.
Woo hoo!
Wait, I didn't do anything this past week.
Can I really lose 4.6 pounds by doing nothing?
Maybe my body just needed to be caught off guard.
Caught off guard? You're not an athlete, you work out 4 times a week, it wouldn't shake it up that much. Would it?
I hope that was all fat and not muscle.
Do I even have 4.6 pounds of muscle on my body?
I should probably start reading more.
There is a glimpse into the wonderful head of mine. Fun isn't it? That was all within about a minute of seeing that number. I'm obviously new to this whole weight loss thing so some of you more experienced peeps can chime in if you want. Is it possible that by only working out twice in two weeks that I lost some muscle? Is it possible that I lost 4.6 pounds of muscle or do you think some of that was fat? Could it be that my body is just responding well to the food I'm eating and the fact that even though I didn't work out much I did work out? I have at least 70 more pounds to lose so I know that maybe it's just fat that was ready to come off? Ahh, I hate when I do this to myself haha.
Anyways any advice would be greatly appreciated :-)
And I hope you all are well on your way to healthy happy lifestyles.
P.S - Does anyone know anything about snowshoeing? I would love to try it and know nearly nothing about it.


  1. I try to measure myself often and I use the little calculator at I found it to go with my body type best (pear shaped). There are some other body fat calculators online you could look into also or maybe one of the body fat scales but I have my doubts about those. Anyway, it would give you an idea of where your body fat is now and then when you measure again how you are doing. Of course that doesn't really help you this week. I think I would just take the lose and rejoice *smile*.

  2. Answer is it's probably a combination of

    A: Some fat, if diet was good.

    B: Some water

    C: A little muscle.

    It's probably all 3 I would presume.

    Muscle will however come back quickly, as the membrane called the "fascia", that expands when you bulk, doesn't shrink when you atrophy, or not to any significant extent, so when you try to regain muscle, it comes back faster, because there is less resistance.

    So providing you kick your training into touch A.S.A.P, you could easily recover small amounts of lost muscle, in next to no time.

    The main thing is not to over analyse what's happened. It happened and you know what didn't happen that needed to, so just keep trying your best, be patient and keep believing. That's all you can ask of yourself.

    You can be proud of yourself.

    :-) :-)


  3. What an awesome loss. I am afraid I won't have that luck tomorrow. I wouldn't think into it too much. Just celebrate it by keeping up with it. You rock!

  4. YAY!! That is awesome!!

    And... you sound like me with all your thinking. My head does that too.. all the time. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one who has crazy thoughts all the time. ;-)

    As far as what you lost... girl... when I first started this weight loss adventure.. there would be times when I would work my a$$ off and lose NOTHING!! Then.. there would be weeks when I would slack and lose 3lbs! The body works in strange ways.

    So now that I am a more experienced "loser"... I like to try and not go by what the scale says. Of course.. I do weigh myself because it's nice to just know where I am number wise... but if I feel good in my skin... if I feel comfortable in my body... THAT is what matters most.

    The scale just shows a number.. the real outcome is how YOU feel.

    And yes.. like the blogger said above me...

    Be proud of've earned it girl!!


  5. they always muscle in the gym and burn fat in the kitchen. what you eat is 80% of weight loss, so it is totally possible to lose weight wihtout working out, if you're eating right. of course, working out will help you to lose weight, but its definitely more about the food intake!!

  6. I know nothing about snow-shoeing because I avoid snow at all costs. Hate it. No pointers from me - sorry!

    Regarding your weight loss, well I have heard (from a few nutritioninsts/trainers) that weight loss is 80% diet so as long as your diet is good you should be dropping lbs. I had a friend lose 35 lbs without doing any form of exercise. My guess is you've changed your diet enough that your body is just ready to get rid of any extra weight. Keep up the healthy weight and continue to work out for your overall health and you'll be in great shape!

    Congrats meeting your goal 3 weeks early. You are a rock star!!

  7. With weight loss you will lose some muscle guartenteed (which is why you do resistance training to retain as much muscle as possible). Losing 1% of your body weight a week is recommended, otherwise you will lose a lot more muscle. With that being said, great job on the loss!

  8. WOW, thats amazing! Why stress over it? Celebrate :)