Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Maybe I Should Gain...

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Mine was great. My family traveled about 1hr 45 minutes south of here to Elgin, IL for my mom's side of the family's celebration. I ate pretty darn well. I had a little bit of turkey, a lot of salad and fruit, a little bit of this amazing corn casserole thingy and a small piece of pumpkin pie. When we got home I snacked on a cookie and 2 pieces of this taco roll up thingy my mom makes. I made sure to fill up on lots of water (about 3L) and overall I think I did pretty darn good.
Food has always been the easy part for me. If I try hard enough I can easily eat healthy, eat less and stay away from junk. It's the exercise that kicks my butt and boy oh boy has it been whopping me lately.
The last time I worked out was exactly a week ago today. And I'm angry. Absolutely infuriated with myself. I had the chance to go Friday night, Saturday night, Sunday night and last night but did I? No, I didn't. Why didn't I go? I don't know, throw out an excuse I'm sure I've used it. The worst part is that I know better than that. I know that I will not get results even close to what I want by exercising once a week or even twice or three times a week. My body needs exercise 4-6 times a week for me to make any progress.
Maybe I will gain this week. Maybe I should gain. Maybe it would do me some good. Snap me back into reality. Maybe it's about time I did what I need to do. Exercise is not an option, so why do I act like it is?
I know we all struggle and that I will have many more struggles before I've even made a dent in my journey. I guess I need to just get up, brush myself off and move forward. That's the only way I can go, right?


  1. Yep, just get up and go. The hardest step is the one out the door. Once you get going it's actually kinda fun. Did I just say that? Me, who couldn't get off my butt on Monday? Jeepers, I need to listen to myself maybe.

    Anyway, you can do this. If you have the eating part down you've won half the battle. That's the part I can't control most of the time. I actually like exercise. Just wish I had a better time in my day for it. I like it about as much as I like food. So, we just need to work together and I'll get you to exercise right and you get me to eat right. Deal?

  2. Hey Lady! I read your blog alot, and I used to have another blog but I made a new one. You should follow me on my other blog! I would be happy to help support you..:-) I know the woes of weight loss all to well! I struggling to get back to the gym myself!

  3. Hmmmm...have you found exercise you enjoy doing? I know that helps me. I have found things I actually look forward to and that helps me get my butt to the gym!

    Good luck lady - and don't be too hard on yourself.