Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Medium Me

So I feel the need to inform you all that as I'm writing this I'm sitting at my kitchen table in a sweatshirt, pj pants and a blanket. Why am I not at work you ask? Oh, ya know because we got 18 inches of snow last night! We were under a blizzard watch and the governor called a state of emergency for the entire state of Wisconsin. Holy guacamole you should see the snow! I work for a company that is contracted with the State of Wisconsin so the only way we get snow days is if the state closes down. Well, in 30 years they've only closed once and today makes it twice. Maybe that'll give you a better idea of how crazy it is out there!

My mom, my brother and I went out earlier to clear out the end of our driveway from what the snowplow lovingly pushed there. It took us 1hr 30min and boy oh boy was it quite the workout.

We also went outside last night in our tshirts, pants and socks as it was beginning to snow and made snow angels. We do it every year in honor of our "snow angels": my mom's friend Dave that died from cancer about 4 years ago in January and my mom's cousin Terry that also died from cancer about 3 years ago in November. It's so much fun to just run out there, make a snow angel and then run inside quick before we catch pneumonia haha. It's a great tradition we started to make sure that we remember them always and to let them know that they're always in our hearts. RIP DH, TG we miss you both!!

A picture from last year that we did.

So back track to Saturday (I know it was quite awhile ago!!) my step-mom, my dad, my brother and I went out to dinner at Qdoba and then to see "The Blind Side".  I decided that I wanted to look nice so I tried on a dress shirt that my grandma got me last year for my birthday that I could only (barely) wear once because I was too big for it. And guess what? It fit! Not only did it fit but it fit really well! It felt so amazing :-)

And now if you rewind a little, not as far back, to Monday, I went shopping for Christmas with my Grandma. It's a tradition every year for her to take us shopping for Christmas since she wants to know that we will like what she gets us. We almost always go to Kohl's to get some clothes. I picked out two tops that are absolutely gorgeous. Here are pictures from the Kohl's website of them:

I decided that I wanted to buy the shirts a little on the small side so that by the time January/February comes around they will fit perfectly. Well, I decided to grab mediums in both and try them on just to make sure that I liked how they would look once I could fit into them. I was very suprised that they were both only "slightly" too small. Me fit into a medium shirt? Serious? How crazy is that?! I'm so excited to be able to slip these on and wear them out knowing that I, formerly weighing in at 270 pounds am wearing a medium shirt. :-) My sweet Grandma, bless her heart, asked me probably 3 or 4 times if I was sure that a medium would fit. I just smiled and nodded knowing that she must think I'm absolutely nuts.

I hope you all are staying warm!! I know I am :-)


  1. Wow. Amazing post. The angels part really touched me.

    YAY for new clothes. Your Grandma reminds me of mine. haha. Aren't they funny?

    YAY for a medium shirt!! You must be proud, I know I am. =)

    Keep it up girl, you are doing amazing.

    And whoa 18 inches!! Enjoy your snow day!! =)

  2. I'm not so sure a tshirt in the snow would be very fun. Great tradition though.

    Way to go on the new clothes. Oh, and fitting better in the old. That always feels great.

  3. Way to go on the size medium, I haven't tried that one yet *smile*. Cute story about the snow angels too.

  4. WELL DONE. This is something I always thought you were capable of. Be proud of yourself, because you can be.

    :-) :-).


  5. Good job on the medium. I like the blue shirt.

    I'm from Wisconsin and we got 16-17 inches of snow and the temperature right now is probably close to zero. You must have been freezing doing those snow angels, but it definitely sounds like a worth cause.

  6. i remember the first time i tried on a pair of jeans in a store and they were too big. its a great feeling. <3


  7. Just checking in on you. Its been awhile since you've posted.

    Hope youre doing well.