Friday, December 4, 2009

Snow! Pizza!

Happy happy Friday!! Gosh I am sooo happy to finally see Friday, especially since we got our first official snowfall yesterday. It makes me want to go curl up on the couch and laze around but I am here at work instead. Poo.

I am the type of person that HATES snow, with a passion. Not because of the actual snow per se, more because of how it affects roads and driving. I'm a big driver. I'm always driving and quite frankly I love driving. My gym is 20 minutes away, my boyfriend is an hour away the mall is 15 minutes away etc etc. (luckily work is only 5 minutes away!) Hopefully this winter won't be as horrible as last winter but I guess we'll see. Since I live in Wisconsin and I'm stuck here for at least another year (then hopefully California!) I decided that maybe this year should be the year I try to kinda sorta enjoy the snow. Crazy I know! That is why I'm going to try to get into snowshoeing. I figure that maybe if I can get in some good exercise outside during the winter it'll be more enjoyable to have snow around. We shall see, we shall see.

Last night I made a pizza! Now don't freak out, this was a healthy pizza! Yes, there is such a thing :-) Let me walk you through the wonderful steps.

I used a Flatout Flatbread Light Italian Herb crust. These things are sooo good, if you haven't tried them please do you will not be disappointed!

Here are my toppings. A nice Hunt's all natural pizza sauce with no salt added which is great because I believe that one serving of the sauce only about 20mg of sodium. Score! Some Pennsylvania Dutchman canned mushrooms. Also with low sodium! And some Black Pearls canned black olives. Once again, low sodium. I'm a big low sodium person. If I can get the same item with half or more less sodium, why not? I don't need all that extra salt especially since I still have slightly elevated blood pressure.

On top of everything else I put on half Sargento reduced fat shredded cheddar cheese and half Crystal Farms reduced fat mozzarella cheese.

Here I started to add the sauce. I was making one for my mom too and decided to have a little fun.

Here are the pizzas all cooked up! The "meat" on there is a cut up vegan Boca patty. I used one patty for both of our pizzas and it added great flavor. I cooked these on a cookie sheet for about 10 minutes at 325*.

If I calculated correctly, this whole pizza came out to about 350 calories. Sweet! Aaand it was delicious! Like honestly I don't have to eat regular pizza again now that I've done this. I was very happy that I made the last minute decision to do that last night. This will definitely be a regular on the menu!

I'm going to try to push myself to do the Pilates classes tomorrow morning and Sunday morning at the gym. I'm still a little nervous but I just need to suck it up and do it and everything will be a-ok.

I hope you all have a fun and safe weekend! And stay warm to everyone running the 5k tomorrow!!


  1. WOW! Love this idea... thank you for sharing!! Don't be nervous about the class... you will be just fine! Let us know how it goes if you end up going. =)

  2. Take care and best wishes.

    :-) :-).


  3. oh yum, homemade pizza is my favorite!! and your healthy version looks awesome!

  4. That pizza does look awesome!! and only 350 calories. Where do I sign up?

  5. i'm totally the same way about snow! it's all about the crappy driving that comes with it. boo snow.

    also, i've been meaning to try a flat out pizza ... and i think this week will be my week :) thanks for the reminder.