Friday, March 6, 2009

Back At It...

So yesterday I realized how unhappy I am because of my weight. My boyfriend left to visit his cousin in California yesterday (so jealous lol) and before he left we got into an argument. Now don't ask me what it was about because honestly I don't remember and I realized that I have these stupid mood swings for no reason, basically because right now I'm not happy with who I have become physically and it's starting to really affect me mentally. Needless to say that really inspired me to get my butt back into gear. Also, his mom and I were talking on the way home from the airport and she mentioned a family trip to a waterpark area and that I would be invited when the details are worked out. I certainly do not want to go around in a swimsuit how I look now, so I figured even if I lost 10 or 20 pounds before summer it would make me feel a million times better. So that was all I needed to be re-inspired (look how simple that was). I worked out last night and I am determined to push myself to my limit everytime I work out. Last night I did 30 minutes on my stationary bike, which I would like to eventually get up to 1 hour. I also did some arm exercises for my biceps, triceps and shoulders. I did sets of 15 reps and did as many sets as I could physically do. I felt good that I pushed myself like that, usually I have a set number in mind and that's all I do. But basically I'm ready to work hard and see results. I think next time I do arms I'm going to up my weights. I started with a 5 pound set of dumbells just for starters but I'm going to up it to my 8lb-ers. My arms aren't as sore as I wish they were. I know that sounds weird but I almost feel as thought I need that validation to let myself know that I am doing good. Hmm I dunno. My eating is going to get back on track as well. My brother brought me home a 12 inch sub from the deli that he works at so I split it in thirds and had a third for dinner last night and a third for breakfast this morning and then again today for lunch. I could have easily scarfed down the whole sub but I was really proud of myself for only eating 1/3 at a time. Happy Friday!!

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