Monday, March 23, 2009

Moving Forward..or Just Moving?

So I've switched up my cardio and I've decided to stick to walking instead of my stationary bike. For some reason I just didn't feel as though I was working that hard and when I was done with my 30 minutes I was "tired" but not really sweaty or out of breath. My mom walks our dog every night so I decided to start tagging along and also walking him for 40 minutes in the morning before I go to work. It's a nice way to wake up in the morning and it's soooo nice to get outside after a looooong coooooold winter!! Now to my eating. Blah. Simply said. I need to eat better and eat less. Ugh it sounds sooo simple when I write it but for some reason it just isn't sticking in my head. My plan was to start buying my own groceries and make my own healthy meals for dinner and lunch to bring to work; however, me and my boyfriend made our decision last night to move to Fresno, California in about 6 months. Wow, it's really hard to still wrap my mind around that. Right now I have to save every penny I can so getting my own groceries isn't on my to do list. I think that given the now current situation my mail eating plan is to just eat less and make better choices with the food that I do have. I'm excited about our move but also very nervous. My life is here, my job is here, my family is here and my friends are here. And I'm really afraid that this move will really de-rail my "healthy lifestyle" change that I'm striving for. I'm ready for the challenge though and I know that if I can push through this successfully then I can do anything. It will be very refreshing to move to a new place. I've lived in Wisconsin my entire life; actually, I've lived in the same HOUSE my entire life. It will be amazing to be there in December with NO SNOW on the ground!! Big smiles for that one :-) I don't know, sometimes new adventures are exactly what we need to get out of a never ending rut and cycle. Hmm. Well I hope you all have a wonderful Monday.

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  1. sounds exciting! what made you guys decide to move there??