Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Back on Track...kinda

Happy Hump Day!

Yesterday was an ok day. Food was pretty good I suppose but definetly not excellent. I had an amazing salad for lunch from the local grocery store near my work. They have a salad bar and it's like $4.50 per pound so my salad cost around $3.50 which wasn’t too bad at all. I put in tonssss of veggies and a few chicken strips for some protein. Overall, I drank a little less than 3L of water yesterday. I did really well at work but when I got home I got distracted and forgot to drink more..oops.

Exercise actually wasn't too bad, my step-mom and I did a 4mile walk around our neighborhood. She walks very fast and it was hard to keep up, I was actually about a step or two behind her the whole walk haha and I was huffing and puffing it was kind of embarassing. But I finished without stopping so that was a great accomplishment. I know once I get into the swing of things again with exercise I'll be able to keep up with her and maybe push her a bit as well. Something really weird happened though and I'm not sure why, maybe you guys can give me some insight. Right away my calves were BURNING and really tight. I think this happened for a couple reasons. 1) I was kind of surprised at how fast she was scooting, so I think for the first 5-10 minutes I wasn't really walking properly. 2) My shoes aren't the best for walking so I definetly need to get shoes that are better suited for activity. 3) I forgot to stretch before the walk which I know is ESSENTIAL! Also, about 35 minutes into the walk my right foot went numb. It stayed numb for about 15 minutes and then was fine again. It was really weird. Again I'm not sure if it was my shoes or the fact that I'm an overweight person walking 4 miles?
Hmm I don't know…any thoughts?

Have a wonderful day and night!!

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  1. Possible walking issues.

    1. You're not used to walking at that pace, which might be causing your problem.

    2. Weight might be a contributing figure.

    3. Type of shoe could be an issue. You could be either a Neutral, a Supinator, (Ankle rolls outwards), or a Pronator, (Ankle rolls inwards), so definitely a consideration for the new shoes.

    4. You might also need to be aware of things like tight Achillies, and the possibility that with weight too, the two things could cause a problem called Plantar Fasciitis, which is an inflammation of a strip of connective tissue, that runs between the heel and ball of the foot.

    So bear that in mind incase it happens.

    5. The lack of stretching could be an issue.

    6. Cramping is also Salt related, so perhaps you're having a little less dietry Salt than is preferable, particularly if you are sweating, as you'll lose some of the Salt in your body through sweat.

    The likelihood is you do need to just give it time, make any corrections you feel you need to, possibly some of the things I outlined, and just give yourself time to get used to what you're doing.

    It's largely probably, just your bodies way of saying, it isn't used to what you are doing, but it will adapt, and the feelings you got should dissipate within the first 2-3 weeks touch wood.

    It's good to see that you are trying again to get these steps to change, back into your life, and hopefully there for life, and it's good, that although you say you made a little fau pah when you got home, you didn't give yourself a hard time for that, because you shouldn't have and you didn't.

    So definitely DO feel proud of what you've done. It might only be one day out of hopefully many, but it's one step closer to a better physical, emotional and mental outlook for you, and I think giving yourself a little pat on the back, and being proud of this little positive, even at such an early stage, would not be being over confident or very self gratifying, but would be a nice way to reinforce the positive feelings and worth, these little steps can have.

    I think you did well, so WELL DONE, and I hope you continue to have more positve days like this.

    You deserve it.


    :-) :-).