Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Great Success...(in your best Borat voice)

Hello everyone, Happy Tuesday!! Things are going very good and yesterday was a great success.

Food yesterday was awesome. For breakfast I had 4oz of grilled chicken breast with about 2tbsp ketchup (I really need to break my ketchup addiction) and about 2 cups 1% milk. For my first snack I had 1 hard boiled egg white with about 3tbsp homemade guacamole. Lunch was a salad with green peppers, red peppers, onions and 4oz of grilled chicken. I also put about 2tbsp fat free bleu cheese dressing on top. My 2nd snack was an apple and string cheese and my 3rd snack was 2tbsp peanut butter. I then made a delicous egg whtie omlette for dinner with green/red peppers, onions, low fat mozarella cheese and a little grilled chicken. I had a cup of green grapes with it and a cup of V8 tomato juice. Today will be mostly the same but I am eating dinner at my dad's so basically whatever he cooks I will be eating. Meals are usually pretty healthy at his house, my step-mom is a vegetarian and they are both health-conscious so it shouldn't be a problem. I only drank about 1.5L of water yesterday so I need to kick that up a notch. I've been trying to not drink any water 30 minutes before or after I eat because I'v e read a lot that doing so takes most of the nutrients from the foods that you are eating. I think I'm going to buy some individual cans of V8 to take to work to drink with lunch. Or maybe like apple juice or something would be good? I'm not sure, any thoughts?

Exercise was also good yesterday. I did my very first circuit and I LOVED it. The time absolutely flew by because I was switching exercises every minute. I think this will definetly be my workout of choice from now on. Yesterday I only did a 20 minute circuit but I was dripping sweat. I'd like to eventually get up to a 45 minute circuit but I knew I couldn't start with that. Last night I did legs and abs. I did 3 leg exercises and 2 ab exercises. Each one lasted 1 minute long and then I moved on to the next. I repeated that circuit twice and walked on the treadmill for 5 minutes after each rotation. I think next time I do it I'll do one more rotation and add another treadmill walk. Eventually I want to be up to 10 exercises and 3 rotations and 3 treadmill walks. That will put me at a 45 minute circuit which should be perfect. Tonight I won't be doing a circuit, instead me and my step-mom will be doing another 4mile walk. Hopefully this time I will have better luck with the calves and feet. I will probably lift some weights afterwards just to get in my arm exercises that I'll be missing by not doing my arm circuit tonight. I've also been looking into joining the Dairyland Walkers Walking Club. Hopefully I can get one of my friends or my mom to join with me because I think it would be really fun.

Well I'm about to eat lunch so I better go. Things are looking up so I hope they are looking up for everyone else as well!! Have a great day!


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  1. I'm glad things have been going well for you.

    Good luck and take care.

    :-) :-)