Friday, November 6, 2009

Craving Chicken

Hello my lovelies! Happy Friday!! Sorry it has been soo long since my last post, I really need to try HARD to post at least every other day.
So I had my weigh in Tuesday night. The scale read 240.3. I'll take that :-) as it's a 1.5 pound loss from the previous week. I know my weight loss will eventually slow down so I don’t expect to see a 2-3 pound loss every week. I think 1.5 is exactly where I need to be and considering I only got in 3 workouts last week I think a 1.5 pound loss is all the effort I put in. I would have liked to be out of the 240's but hey that's what next week is for right?
Food has been good. I need to stay away from this cheese that my mom gets from her friend's cheese shop. It's called wonder bar and it's too die for!! Buuut I'm sure it's LOADED with fat. If you've never had cheese from Wisconsin I promise it will change your life! I'm trying to decide what my lunch will be for next week, I think I'm craving chicken :-)
Exercise has been pretty much nothing since I last talked to you because Wednesday's and Thursday's are my days off. My plan is to hit the gym tonight through Tuesday. I'm even bringing my workout clothes to a restaurant we're going to tonight to celebrate my step-dad's birthday so I can zip over there right after dinner. Boy have I changed haha. Tomorrow morning me and my mom are going to take a Pilates class together at my gym. I'm very excited about this! After the class she plans on heading home and I'm going to finish my regular routine at the gym before heading home. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday will be regular gym days. Maybe I'll get the courage to take a cycling class Monday? I guess we'll see.
In non-weight loss related news I think I will be getting back in school in January! I know this might not seem that exciting but I'm thrilled!! I NEED and WANT so badly to be back in school earning my degree. I'm going to be doing online classes to get my bachelor's in computer science. Aaaaand I get 2 paychecks next Friday so I can buy a new laptop!! My pay schedule at work is that we're getting paid for what we worked 2 weeks ago, like normally Friday I would be getting paid for the time I put in October 15th - October 31st. The new company that bought the place I work wants us to be getting paid for the 2 weeks we just worked so in order to get us caught up I will be getting paid for October 15th - November 15th. Honestly this couldn’t have come at a better time! That will help a lot with Christmas shopping so it'll take some stress off of it money wise.
I hope you all have a fun and safe weekend! The new season of Ghost Adventures starts tonight! Definitely check it out on the travel channel if you like stuff like that. It's amazing!


  1. Kudos on the drop and the chance to go back to school. I think both are worth celebrating.

  2. That's so great about school! So many positive changes in your life! I would love to do a fitness class with my mom, enjoy.

  3. I wish I could get someone, anyone, to workout with me. That will be fun with your mom.

  4. Well I might have said this before, but I must politely decline any and all apologies, as I think it rude to accept something unnecessary.

    Your life comes first and that's a.o.k

    GOOD LUCK with everything you are doing. You are doing well, so keep looking for all the positivies and WELL DONE.

    :-) :-).