Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I ::Heart::: Biggest Loser

Happy Tuesday! Two post in a row?! Crazy, I know! (a little Dr. Seuss action for you guys)
This post will probably be just as boring as yesterday. Bear with me my life will get more exciting soon…
I hope :-)
Yesterday's food was good. I had veggie burgers for both breakfast and lunch, lots of grapes, V8 etc. Basically the same old same old food. One new thing I am obsessed with though is my first afternoon snack. I take 3 Breton whole wheat crackers, spread 1 wedge of garlic and onion laughing cow cheese on them (split the wedge between the 3 crackers not 1 wedge per cracker) and top it with salsa. Yummmmmmy! I also have a hard boiled egg white on the side for a little belly filling power. Last night I cooked up some chicken so that will be lunch for the rest of the week.
My leg was not in any kind of shape to be doing much of anything last night so I switched it up and made last night an arms night with some light upper ab/oblique/back work. I followed that with 1 hr of intervals on the stationary bike. The bike felt wonderful for my leg and I think it REALLY loosened it up because today my leg feels great. Still a little sore but good enough to attempt a legs night tonight. We'll see how it goes!
I'm very excited for Biggest Loser tonight! Anyone else? But 2 people are going home?! I hate having less and less people to choose from because I like most of the people left. Oh well, I guess that's life at the BL Ranch.
I have something fun to share with you guys tomorrow. (Well, I think it's fun anyways) Stay tuned :-)


  1. I haven't been as excited about the contestants this season on Biggest Loswer. I loved Tara last season.

    Can't wait to hear the fun news tomorrow!

  2. I love BL also. Can't let a week go by that I don't watch it. Even my daughter's ask if it's BL night yet. ;) Way to keep up on working something else when your leg is out of order. Most people would just throw in the towel completely.

  3. Take care and best wishes.

    :-) :-).


  4. you dont know me but i saw a comment you left erin and thought id run over here and say hello and give you a very well deserved congratulations! and to tell you this too, like you, will be my first "holiday session" since i decided to get healthy. i am NOT looking forward to it. :)

    we can do it!

  5. Yum, I'm a HUGE laughing cow cheese fan.

  6. I was so sad to see shay go!
    Love herbed laughing cow cheese on a savory tomato rice cake, my favorite go to snack :-)