Thursday, August 6, 2009

..Deep Fried Heart Attack...

So it's about time I post huh? :-) I've been MIA for a while, doing a little soul searching after hearing about Jen's mom. I know it hit us all hard and made us really re-evaluate what we're doing in this whole weight loss thing and just in life altogether.

So starting today through the 16th of August, is the Wisconsin State Fair in Milwaukee. They talked about it a little on the news this morning about what will be there, what you'll see and most importantly what you'll eat. Now of course Wisconsin is known for beer and cheese but I'm starting to wonder if we should also be known for deep frying and putting chocolate on whatever we can. Some of the 'highlights' they mentioned were chocolate covered bacon, deep fried Twinkies, deep fried snickers bars, deep fried cheese (also known as cheese curds) and my mom's favorite: cream puffs. Did I mention that these cream puffs are about the diameter of 2 softballs put together? The first thing I thought of was "gross" and the second thing I thought was "Are paramedics going to be on sight in case someone has an instant heart attack?" Honestly, don't those foods have enough fat, calories and other crap in them without adding chocolate and throwing them in a vat of oil? If you'd like to see why there's a problem with obesity in America just come to the state fair, or probably any fair in the U.S for that matter. Bleh.

On a happier note :-)...

Food has been good. I went grocery shopping on Monday. Got lots of veggies, some Boca/MorningStar patties, egg whites, pitas and some Greek yogurt. I know that the patties are considered processed food which I am trying to stay away from but I've come to realize that it's essential for me to have something like this on hand in case I don't end up making something else. I would rather eat one of these with a salad than ordering a pizza or Chinese, which is usually what I would do. I've also read a lot about lentils lately and how amazing they are for you. I'm thinking about incorporating some of those into my meals with some chicken or maybe with some rice and veggies in a yummy stir-fry. The biggest accomplishment for me right now is water! It might sound weird but for me having the right kind of water bottle is what made the difference. I've discovered that I drink fluids (especially water) more frequently if there is a straw involved. So I found a 28oz water bottle with a pop top thingy that connects to a straw inside the water bottle. This entire week and some of last week I've been drinking between 56 and 116 oz of water a day! (usually it's around 84) Yay! I finally found something that worked for me and I know that's going to be the key for everything in this journey from eating to exercise.

As far as exercise goes, it's getting better. I went on my weekly 4 mile walk on Tuesday. Haven't walked at all the rest of the week but I plan to tonight and tomorrow night about 2 miles apiece. On Monday I did about 25 minutes of free weights for my arms while watching some Gossip Girl on DVD. Last night I did about 15-20 minutes of leg work while watching GG again on DVD. (Have you checked out this show? Amazing!) Tomorrow I plan to do abs and next week I NEED to force myself to get up early before work and either do some weight training or take a walk, maybe both? I'm not sure we'll see. But overall exercise is good and definitely improving. The best part of all is that I'm not really thinking twice about it. Basically I think, "Hmm I should go work out while watching TV" and that's what I do. I've gotten over talking myself out of it and instead actually want to do it.

Hope you are all having a wonderful Thursday! Big Brother tonight!! Live evictions! Sooooo excited! :-)

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  1. Keep going. It seems like you doing well.

    Take care and best wishes.

    :-) :-).