Monday, August 31, 2009

Thin Does Not = Being In Shape

Happy Monday Everyone! Hope your weekend was great! I had a wonderful weekend, it was very busy but very nice.

Friday night I went grocery shopping and got some chicken, veggies, fruits, greek yogurt and some laughing cow cheese. I had an eggwhite omlette and then managed to talk myself out of going to the gym. I just didn't have it in me. I knew if I forced myself I would resent it and the gym would start to become a chore, so I allowed myself to stay home and instead watched a movie with my brother. We watched "I love you man". If you haven't seen this you NEED TO! One of the funniest movies I have ever seen, it's definetly in my top 15 movies.

Saturday was busy busy busy. I woke up at 8:30, showered and ate 2 slices of turkey and laughing cow cheese on a piece of bread with some grapes and cucumbers on the side. After that I headed to my cousins to help her move. We started around 11:30 and we were done about 2:30. I was very impressed with us and how fast we moved them. We had 8 people, 4 cars, 1 truck and a UHaul trailer so I think we did pretty darn good. For me it was a lot of back and forth with boxes (the boys handled the big stuff) and up and down stairs. There were really no stairs moving her out but her and her boyfriend moved in to an apartment on the 2nd floor so moving in was constant stairs. It was a really good workout and I am very happy to report that I was barely out of breath or breaking a sweat. We got lucky with a pretty cool day, the sun came out a little but not too much. Ironically enough, me and my cousin Steve (2 of the heaviest people there) were the ones that were the least sweaty and the least out of breath. How could this be you may ask? Well, we both started working out within the past month and have both lost weight. I'd like to think that it's because we are both in the best shape of our lives thus far. It just goes to show you that being thin doesn't necessarily mean you are in shape.

Saturday night, my friend cancelled our dinner plans because she had homework but it was okay because I was looking forward to just vegging out. My family ordered chinese to eat, which was probably a bad idea but I did my best to eat as well as I could. I ordered a pint of the cashew chicken with steamed rice. I ate it for dinner Saturday, breakfast Sunday morning and breakfast this morning and there is still some left so I think I portioned it out pretty well. We also ordered 6 orders of crab rangoons. I am obsessed with these things!! The chinese place actually knows us by name because of the amount of crab rangoons we get. (Kind of embarassing but pretty funny) Each order has 6 rangoons in it and we usually get about 8 orders which is 48 crab rangoons!! We got 36 this time and boy oh boy was it hard to stay away from those. I usually eat 15-20 when we get chinese but this time I had 5 and that was it. I know I should have had just 1 or 2 or even none but I was proud that I was able to stop at 5. I knew that telling myself I couldn't have any would make me go crazy and only result in a late night binge of 10 or more. By allowing myself to have only 5 it proved that I can still have a treat once in a while in small portions and stay on plan. I probably won't have chinese for another month or two so I think it was just fine. I did make it to the gym Saturday night, which was great for me. To go work out after a day of lifting heavy boxes and running up and down stairs was a huge accomplishment. Funny enough, Saturday was my day for legs to be my main focus. They were sooo beat but I kept them as my main focus and still pushed them to their limit but needless to say the limit came a lot faster than usual. Biceps/back and lower abs/obliques were light that day along with 35 minutes on the bike.

Sunday I slept in until 12:30 and it felt amazing!! I lazed around for the majority of the day until about 4:30 then I got ready to have a dinner date with my friend Chelsea. Our dinner dates ALWAYS consist of Culvers and then Big Brother. At Culver's I got the 4 piece chicken tenders with no fries and water to drink. I only ate 3 of the 4 pieces and refilled my water twice. Yay me! Next time I think I will try to keep it to 2 pieces of the 4 but I wasn't over stuffed with the 3 so I think I did pretty darn good. Food wasn’t the greatest this weekend so hopefully that won't affect my weigh in on Thursday too much. I'm hoping that by portioning it out like I did and continuing to work out that I didn’t do too much damage.

Tonight I will hopefully be taking the Intro to Cycling class at the gym, which I am very excited about and Thursday I start my bellydancing class!

Sorry for such a long post, have a wonderful Monday!!

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