Friday, August 28, 2009

Who I Want To Be...

Happy Friday! Wow my week was super long, anyone else's? The weekend is going to be busy but I am looking forward to it!

So I had my weekly weigh in last night. Um, hmm I'm not really sure what to say…

Except that I lost 3.8lbs since last Wednesday! :-)
Ahh I couldn't believe it! I was so ecstatic I wanted to do a back flip right there in that locker room. Haha. At first I thought that it was a big number for one week but thinking back to the last time I lost a good amount of weight, I remember that the first 20lbs came off pretty quickly before it starting slowing to about 1-2lbs a week. Initially, I wanted to lose 10lbs before my bday dinner on October 9th but now I may be able to squeeze out 15. We'll see, either way I'll be happy.

Food was good the past couple days, same old stuff. Work out went good last night. Focus was abs with light biceps/back and inner/outer thighs. I always forget to mention the cardio that I do because I do it every day so it doesn't really change. I do about 35-40 minutes on the bike after my weight training. I think I'm going to add a 10 minute warm up walking at an incline on the treadmill before my weight training. I would really like to find a few more ab and butt exercises. I have a good amount of ab exercises but I feel like I'm not working my lower abs enough. I know that it is a hard area to work but I feel like I can do better. Same with my butt. I do lots of squats, which I love doing I just wish I had a few more moves to add in there to maximize my results. Any thoughts?

In the past couple of days, I've realized that this person I'm becoming is a person that I want to be. I've always wanted to be the person that juggles friends, family, work, school and EXERCISE and absolutely loves it. I want to be that person that WANTS to go exercise instead of NEEDS to go exercise. Slowly but surely it's getting easier to get my butt to the gym. About 75% of the time now, I don't try to talk myself out of it. It has become something I want to do and something I'm starting to crave. This morning at 8:30 I realized I hadn't filled up my water bottle yet for the day. The reason I realized this? Because I was craving water. I was craving WATER. Who would have thought that would ever happen? I surely didn’t. I thought, no matter what, fat or thin I would still hate exercise and dread having to drink water and eat healthy. I thought for sure that this journey was going to be a lifetime full of pain in the ass trips to the gym and eating food I hate. I think that's why I was so scared. I was comfortable in my rut eating shit and not exercising at all. Being healthy feels good. I feel alive, I feel accomplished, I feel excited. I'm exactly where I want to be and this time I'm not going back. There will be no more posts saying, "Monday I'm starting my diet, for real this time." Instead, they will be replaced with, "Monday was great, I stayed on track with eating and my trip to the gym was awesome." I used to think of quitting and then I thought, if you quit what's next? Where do you go from here? You surely can't stay how you were or soon you'll be the size of a house. So that means eventually you will have to "start over" again. Well, guess what? I'm sick of starting over. I'm sick of being defeated. It's not an option anymore. I'm not giving myself any more excuses. I'm feeling how wonderful it is to live this kind of lifestyle, why would I go back?

Theres no reason to.
End of Story.

Have a wonderful Friday!!


  1. Sweeeeeeet weight loss!

    I can't wait to find myself again. I'm lost somewhere not too far away. I know I'll find me. I'm glad that you're finding you :)

  2. I'm happy things are starting to work out for you.

    Good luck and best wishes.

    :-) :-).


  3. Glad you have started craving the good stuff, it's a huge part :)