Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Happy Happy Tuesday! Biggest Loser tonight! Woo Hoo!
So yesterday I was having some mixed feelings about the weekend. I was torn on my food decision Saturday night and about consuming all those drinks. Part of me wanted to justify it saying that you only have one 21st birthday and that you need to enjoy it and have fun. Another part of me knew I can't do that. I can have fun without eating chicken tenders and french fries. I can have fun without having 7 drinks over the course of 7 hours. It's those "it's my birthday" or "it's the holidays" excuses that helped me get to be 270 pounds. I need to stop using the weekends as my free for all and finally buckle down so that I don't need to be worried about the damage when Monday rolls around.
With all my anticipation about the damage I did over the weekend building up, I decided to weigh in last night. I know I should have waited but the suspense was eating me alive so I caved. Last night I weighed in at 242.5 pounds. That's a 4.6 pound loss for the week! Yippy Skippy Lemon Dippy! Finally a week worth celebrating! For some reason my body has been holding on to those pounds for the past 2 weeks and I'm not sure why but I'm glad they are gone for good. I will soon say goodbye to the 240's and hello to the 230's. Very excited about that. My goal of 235 by Christmas is getting closer and closer!
So on a random note does it bother anyone else that Jillian Michaels is now selling weight loss supplements? I haven't really looked into any of them so maybe they are more like vitamins than anything else but it bugs me. I really like Jillian but part of me feels like if they really are some kind of weight loss pill that she is taking the fact that overweight people look up to her and running with it; taking advantage of her fame almost. Isn't she supposed to be promoting healthy weight loss the good old fashioned way? Exercise more, eat less, get your veggies etc etc. I don't know maybe I'm way out of line for thinking that but I had to voice my opinion.
Until next time my friends, keep your head up and keep on keeping on.


  1. Your realization that you can have fun without eating a bunch of food/drinks that aren't good for you is so smart!

    Congratulations on your big loss on the scale. I hope this week is great for you.

    And it does bother me a lot that Jillian is selling weight loss supplements. It just seems hypocritical to me.

  2. Down 4.6! Girly that's amazing!! Great job.

    PS - totally bothers me that she's doing the weight loss pills. Really. Come on Jillian.

  3. you are just annhilating those pounds!! :) keep it up you are freaking AWESOME!!! and as for your birthday, i know it can be disappointing but hey, you only turn 21 ONCE in your life. There's not other birthday like it!

    Also, thank you so much for telling me about that fitness modeling thing! You're too sweet and I am definitely going to check it out :)

  4. No that person shouldn't be promoting crappy, potentially dangerous supplements.

    Mind you having seen some of that biggest loser show before, that person shouldn't be doing something, that promotes unhealthy weight loss, not Fat loss, weight loss, in a way that teaches people nothing, and has made some people admit they gained weight back afterwards, almost certainly when they don't know how to keep it off.

    Anyway, I'm glad things are working out for you. Keep up the hard work, but please be careful not to get too much weight loss too quickly, because you might end up with a lot of excess skin in the long-term if you do.

    Good luck as always.

    :-) :-).