Hello! It's been a loooong time. Eek! I have A LOT to update on and I'm not sure where to start...

So I'll start with the weekend. Saturday morning me and my mom got up early and did a 2 mile walk benefitting the Gilda's House of Madison. For those of you that don't know what Gilda's House is, it's a place that serves as basically a home away from home for families that are dealing with cancer. They have rooms to stay in and they coordinate activities so these families can get away from the craziness and sadness that comes with dealing with cancer. One of my mom's friends has a 14 year old daughter currently battling cancer of the optic nerve and they go there a lot so we felt the need to participate in that walk. 

Saturday night I went shopping and out to eat with my friend Erin. We ate at TGI Friday's and I had a Shanghai Salad with water and an alcoholic beverage. I was kind of mad at myself for drinking because I didn't NEED it but I only had one and I made sure to drink LOTSS of water. I ate half the salad and had the other half for breakfast/lunch on Sunday.

Sunday was a lounge/football day. I didn't eat much beside the leftovers from Saturday. I always find that I'm NEVER hungry on Sunday's and I'm not sure why. It's very weird.

Exercise was, ehh okay this weekend. Friday I did the "Workout" DVD at home. That DVD ALWAYS kicks my butt! Saturday I didn't go to the gym (pooey) but I did on Sunday. It was an abs day which I now love because of my new BOSU ball obsession :-).

Monday I went about 2 hours away to Oshkosh with my friend's family to have a surprise 21st birthday dinner for her. It was a lot of fun and even better that she truly was surprised and had no idea that any of us would be there. We ate at Rob Robin. I had a "Lettuce Wrap Your Burger" which was a beef patty with tomatoes and onions wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun. It was served with a side salad and vinagrette dressing. For some reason I felt the need to eat the whole burger, not sure why, but I did. I also had water to drink and an "adult beverage" to celebrate with my friend. Aaaand to top it off, I had a piece of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream cake. It made me feel like blahhhh. Needless to say I did not make it to the gym that night.

Yesterday I was laid up with a baaaad headache so I didn't really have much to eat. Maybe 500 calories max. No gym.

My plan is to hit the gym tonight through next Tuesday with the exception of Friday. I really need to get this exercise thing down pat asap!


Once in awhile I come across a song that I can completely relate to in terms of what I'm going through at that exact moment. There's been a couple of decisions that I've made in the past 4 or so days that I regret (see above) and I've been seeing this a lot in other people's blogs. I always try to tell them to just move forward and that you can't undo any of those decisions. Sometimes I wish I could tell that to myself instead of going over and over those decisions in my head wishing I didn't make them. Last week I came across a song that I've fallen in love with. I listen to rap/hip hop music and I'm not sure if anyone else here does so I'm not sure if you've heard this song but it's called "It's My Time" by Fabulous. The chorus is the part I love the most, here it is:

"Go hard today, Can't worry bout' the past cause' that was yesterday. I'ma put it on the line cause' it's my time"

That's exactly what we all need to do. I don't care if you had an all out binge yesterday or if had some dessert with your already fattening dinner. Forget yesterday, go all out today to make up for any damage you may have done. Drink an extra couple glasses of water, do an extra 20 minutes on the treadmill and FORGET yesterday. Now I don't mean completely throw it out of your head because you need to realize that you CAN'T keeping doing that if you want results but you need to stop worrying about what you can't change and put your effort forward into things you can. Put your whole heart out there, put it all on the line because this is your time to shine, this is your time to kick ass.

It's your time.

It's MY time.