Wednesday, October 14, 2009

None For Me, Thanks.

Happy hump day! Every minute we are closer to the weekend! I'm kind of nervous about the weekend though, more on that in a minute.

Last night was weigh in night. I weighed in at 247.1 which means I lost another 1.8 pounds. I'm satisfied with that, as I'll take every pound I can get but I still feel as though I can do better. I guess 1.8 pounds is pretty good considering I only made it to the gym 3 times last week and I had a very hearty Italian meal on Friday night. This week my plan is to hit the gym Thursday, Friday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. I think 4-5 days a week is what I need to stick to and anything below that really isn't acceptable anymore. Yesterday was exactly 2 months since I started this and I can definitely afford to make exercise more routine than casual.

Eating had been pretty good lately. I do need to cut back on the snacking even more and stop letting the weekends ruin me. That'll help a lot. This week I'm finishing up my spaghetti squash so next week I'll be back to chicken breasts for lunch. I think I'm going to make an egg white frittata with spinach, green peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes and brocolli for breakfast for the week. I'm also revamping my afternoon eating because for some reason that's when I'm the hungriest. I'm splitting my afternoon into 2 snacks. My first one at 1:30 will be 4 scrambled egg whites with a wedge of light french onion laughing cow cheese. I tried this yesterday and it is sooooo good! My second snack at about 4 - 4:30 will be a cup of greek yogurt (either blueberry or honey) with some granola. I've heard that adding granola really ups the "full longer" factor. I'm hoping it works because for some reason I'm always starving in the afternoon. I wonder if it's because of all the water I drink? Anyways, 2 of my cousins birthday parties were on Monday night and I'm very happy to report that I did very minimal snacking and when presented with cake and ice cream I said, "None for me, thanks." I was very impressed with myself that I was able to do that and I'm actually looking forward to eating well during the holidays.

On to the weekend we go. So Saturday is my official 21st birthday even though my party was last Friday. Me and any of my friends and family that want to come are going to this place called "The Nitty Gritty" for dinner. The Nitty is dubbed the "Birthday Bar" because if it's your birthday you get a free mug and either get free beer or soda all night long. It's basically where everyone goes on their 21st. After dinner we are probably going to bar hop a little for the rest of the night. I'm not worried about dinner because quite frankly, eating out isn't as fun and exciting as it used to be (thank god). What I'm worried about is the drinks. I'm not a big drinker to begin with so I don't plan on having a TON of drinks but I know even a few drinks is going to be calorie overload. I want to enjoy my birthday but I don't want to ruin some of the work I've done. This is a lifestyle for me now and my birthday or even holidays are not a free pass anymore. I'm kind of torn on how to handle it but I think the best thing I can do is play it by ear and no matter what have fun. We'll see how it goes :-)

That's all I have for you folks. Have an amazing Wednesday!


  1. on my 21st i stuck with flavored vodka and diet soda. It's probably the lowest calorie and it tastes good too! vanilla vodka + diet coke =yum. Plus, i'm not a big drinker either and i only needed 1.5 drinks to give me a good buzz ;-)

  2. Just tell people your current situation. It's not bene a long time since you started this, so some may not realise it's happening, or ealise you're that serious.

    If they really care, they will understand and they won't pressure you to do anything, you don't want to, especially as it's your big day, and your moment of celebration, so it's not their right, to make you feel pressurised or bad for things they might want to do that you don't.

    It's your 21st. so you celebrate it how you like, and if others don't like it, it's their fault, and theat's something they, not you, need to address.

    Have a great time, enjoy yourself and HAPPY BIRTHDAY for the big day.

    You're doing really well with your weight loss right now. Be proud of yourself, and don't let anything knock you off course.

    I hope the coming 12 months, brings you more to smile about. You are like a fluffy ball of sunlight, and how could anyone not like you?

    Take care and best wishes.

    :-) :-).