Monday, May 11, 2009

I Think I Can, I Think I Can, I Think I Can...

Happy Monday to all! I bet everyone is just thrilled to be back to the daily grind. I kind of am because I really don't mind work and would rather be here making money then at home doing nothing. It would be nice to sleep in a little extra though! :-)

So eats this weekend were…hmm how do I put this? Horrible? Horrendous? Disastrous? How about all of the above? Friday I did pretty good. I had the house to myself so I watched an old movie from when the Olsen twins were 6 haha it was awesome. And then I watched some of my Friends DVD's. I only had a small bowl of chicken alfredo for dinner with a glass of milk but I did have a couple glasses of Orange Peach Mango juice so that brought my calories up. Saturday I vaguely remember everything I ate which usually means that nothing I ate was healthy and I was stuffing my face without really thinking first. Hmm lets see, I started the day with pasta salad and a bagel. Then I had a chicken salad sandwich with apple juice, then an ice cream sundae from Dairy Queen with lots of chocolate and brownie pieces, then a 3 piece chicken dinner with fries, loads of ketchup and 4 glasses of diet coke. Wow looks like all my disciplined hard work the previous week went all down the drain. Great job Jenny. Sunday I had a couple pieces of Rocky's Pizza, lots of jalapeno cheese bread, some cheese curds, soda, milk and a gyro. Again, great job way to keep up the healthy eating. Well I'm definitely suffering today because I just ate lunch less than 2 hours ago and my stomach is growling already. Too bad I guess I just have to suffer through it and get myself back on track, my own fault. I knew this hurdle would come and I really think that it'll be the hardest of overcome. When I'm with my friends, we go out to eat. I figure 'Hey if they can eat all this junk I can too'. Well it's wrong, I know it's wrong but I have such an addiction to food that I just don't care. I know that I can't completely get around eating out with them but I can definitely make healthier choices and eat less. I felt disgusted going to bed last night knowing that I could have done better and I simply didn't. Oh well I guess we'll see how next weekend goes.

Exercise for the weekend was okay, not horrible by any means. On Saturday I did a lot of walking downtown with friends and a ton of shopping. Sunday I did my Britney Spears dance class. Ahh I've started to become addicted to dancing and I LOVE it. The song we did was "I'm A Slave For You". The choreography was very challenging and I definitely gained a new respect for dancers. No wonder they are soo in shape. Wow it really works you out and I am very sore today. After the class me and my friend, her sister and my sister (we're doing the class together) practiced for like 2 hours because we wanted to get it down and keep the moves fresh in our minds. So I must say that Sunday was definitely a good day for exercise. Me and one of my friends also decided to start walking together on Sunday mornings. We would like to once a week (Sunday) walk around one of the lakes that is here. It's about a 14 mile walk so we will definitely have to work up to that but I'm excited to get started.

Well I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!! (sorry for the long post..oops)


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  1. Oh, please don't apologise. Certainly not to me.

    It's your blog, write what you like :-).

    I can appreciate what you must feel in lieu of what you did, but one thing you have to remember is, you are human and it will take time.

    The main thing is to remember those things, and just not to be too hard on yourself.

    Learning from it is the key, and time, patience and a little self loving, will do wonders for you.

    You're a really great young Lady, so keep your chin up, best wishes, GOOD LUCK, and no worries yeah :-) :-).