Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sweet Success

So yesterday was a pretty good day.

I did remarkably well with the eating, I was actually quite surprised with myself. It was my first day of eating every 2-3 hours, watching my calories and writing down everything I eat. I haven't totalled up the calories yet but I think it is right around 2000 calories. That is exactly where I would like to be right now. I figured out that I was eating at least 2500 calories a day so I needed to cut out around 500. Eventually I would like to be at about 1800 calories and stay there for life, but for right now 2000 is good. I packed two snacks and a lunch for work, one snack to eat at 9:30 and one to eat at 2:30 and that seemed to work out good. I wanted to also incorporate another snack after dinner but soon realized that I am probably going to have to eat 2 snacks in between lunch and dinner because I eat lunch at 11-11:30. I'm fine with eating 2 snacks before dinner and then nothing after, I actually like that better. I did have a few slight hunger pangs yesterday but nothing major and I was definetly expecting some considering it was my first day cutting out more than a meals worth of calories. What I really enjoyed was the feeling of being "satisfied". I can't tell you the last time that I didn't stuff my face so much everytime I ate food that it was uncomfortable to do anything because I was soooo full. Yesterday I didn't have that feeling once and it was amazing. It felt so good and it has been FOREVER since I've felt like that I forgot what it was like. And by the way I never realized how many calories is in regular peanut butter..wow!

Exercise…what exercise? I need help because I don't know what to do. I can't get my lazy ass up at 5am to exercise. My alarm goes off and I reset it for 5:50 when I normally get up. Blah this morning I was like "you don't have a choice, get your ass up" but I still rolled over and reset my alarm. Does anyone have any suggestions on things I can do to make myself get up? I want to work out in the morning so that I also have the option to work out at night and have "two-a-days". I just need to get in the routine of waking up early and doing so. Any suggestions would be realllly appreciated.

Happy Tuesday!! Biggest Loser Tonight!!



  1. I would work on just getting your evening workout in for now....at least get one a days before you try for the two a days!! good job on the eating!!

  2. Firstly I wanted to say WELL DONE, and you should be proud of the little positives. Even trying to start a new eating and logging thing, can be difficult to some, as it's sometimes not just about maintaining it, but trying to get it off the ground, and remembering / memorising little things that are needed, or should be done, sometimes can be trickier than first imagined.

    Here's hoping you can continue to make that little positive progress each day, until you have a big positive :-).

    Certainly your regular journalling is good, and I think it's definitely going to help you, so it's good to see also :-).

    I would politely agree on the one session a day thing as well.

    Most people who do a two a day thing, are usually prepping for comps, or really old school bodybuilders, who sometimes do something like Chest in the morning, Triceps in the evening for example, just so after about 10 hours or so, any residual impact on a small muscle, from training a large one, might be largely or completely subsided.

    If the best time for you is in the morning, then it might be better to do that. If you're doing a couple of evening sessions then adding in morning stuff, you might in some 24 hour periods, be working out within 12 hours of a session, which might not be beneficial for recovery, plus you don't want to stimulate weight loss that's too rapid, or you might end up with a bit of loose skin in the future.

    Only thing I can suggest right now, is try printing a sign off on your computer, with GET UP AND TRAIN, or something like that, in big colourful letters, and stick it somewhere you'll see practically when you wake.

    Or have a sign like that, next to your clock, so you roll over and read it :-p :-p.

    The calories thing I would politely suggest might be better actually stabilised at around 2,000 - 2,200. 1,800 is a pretty good average for women who don't exercise, certainly no less than 1,500 would be advisable for sedentary people.

    The extra 300-400 calories approx per day, on top of the 1,800, would allow for things like calories burned through exercise, and for any potential additional Mineral / Vitamin use too.

    1,800 to me would seem okay to start with, but might result in a slight stutter at a later date, if the body starts resorting to a little muscle burn instead of just Carb usage and some Fat burn, as muscle burn might weaken Metabolism and possibly promote a little fat return, at some point in the long-term.

    I do see positives already, and even at an early stage as this, I see much possibilities and achievement potential.

    So I'd say keep your chin up, keep smiling and GOOD LUCK. I think to a large extent you're doing great, and the one or two little things that are niggling right now, will be easier to manage with time, so hopefully you won't start getting too hard on yourself, as you are human, and that's perfectly okay.

    :-) :-).