Friday, September 25, 2009

Are You Ready For Some Football?

Happy Happy Friday! This Friday is just turning out to be wonderful! More on that in a minute :-)

Yesterday was very nice and relaxing after work. Did a little blogging, grocery shopping, caught up on other people's blogs since I can read them at work but when I try to leave a comment my work computer freaks out (not sure why?) and watched some of my Friends DVD's. I was craving something different for dinner so I whipped up 2 little zucchini pancakes and some chicken salad. If I remember correctly the zucchini pancakes were like 70 calories apiece with about 2.5g of fat apiece? There were small about twice the size of a 50 cent piece but boy were they yummy! I whipped up some chicken salad for me and my mom with 1 can chunk chicken (5 servings in 1 can), 5 tbsp of low fat mayo, chopped up grapes and a sprinkle of celery salt since we didn’t have any fresh celery. It was yummy! I had one serving and I think my mom had one as well. Didn't make it to the gym last night (wasn't planning on it anyways I needed a little break) but I did take a 20 minute walk with my mom and our 2 dogs. My mom walks our Boxer Cassius but I have to carry our Chihuahua Emmy because she's blind. Haha I got in a good arm workout as well since she's about 8-9 pounds.

The grocery shopping trip was quick but very successful! I got some new marinade for my chicken, a 6 pack of Pepsi Max and a 12 pack of mini sour cream and onion Pringles. I usually use Mrs. Dash salt free Roasted Garlic and Herb marinade (which is absolutely divine!!) but I decided to try out the Mrs. Dash salt free sweet teriyaki marinade. I'm hoping it's delicious, I'm sure it will be!!

Every time I go visit my boyfriend (about once a week) I stop at the local gas station and pick up a Pepsi max and a mini container of Pringles just to keep me alert on the hour long drive home. I drink about half the Pepsi and eat about half the Pringles each time and this is the only time I allow myself to have either of the 2. It costs me about $3 every week to get these which isn't bad at all but I got the 12pack of Pringles for $4 and the 6pack of Pepsi Max for $3 at the grocery store. That's only $7 for 4 months worth of Pringles and 1 1/2 months worth of Pepsi. I was very excited about that :-). It's the little things I swear.

So on the subject of the tattoo, I've decided to wait to get it. I will probably get it for my birthday next year but I'm slightly undecided if that's what I want and I'm not going to put something permanent on my body until I'm for sure that it's what I want to do. I also think that waiting until I have lost a more significant amount of weight will make it more meaningful. I plan to be at or near my goal weight at this time next year so maybe it will be my gift to myself for reaching that? Another reason I decided to wait is because me and my brother took the plunge and made a major amazing purchase last night! We bought Viking tickets on the 35-40yd line only 4 rows up! It's for the Seahawks game on November 22nd. I'm soooo soooo excited!! I've been to 2 Viking games before both of which were in the upper deck seats that cost about $80 apiece. To be honest with you there's really not a bad seat in the Metrodome but to be so close is going to be amazing! The tickets were $198 apiece (it came out to about $230 apiece with tax) but it will be WELL worth it. That'll eat up most, if not all of the money I will be getting for my birthday so even if I was ready to get the tattoo it's not in the cards money wise at this point.

I'll leave you with a picture of my yummy lunch. Not sure why I took this but I guess I was in a picture mood today.

Have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. oh I can't wait for my tattoo either, I'm getting mine when I reach goal, hopefully in Late October early november, these last 10 will not be the life of me:-)

    That's awesome that you'll be going to games with your brother!

    have a great weekend.

  2. Good luck and best wishes with everything at the moment.

    :-) :-).