Monday, September 14, 2009

What Time Is It? Game Time!

Happy Monday! (haha yea right!!) It's been awhile AGAIN since I last posted. I need to get better at that but sometimes its difficult to find the time. I'll try to start where I left off.

Thursday's doctor appt went well. My doctor was really impressed with the amount of weight I lost in such a short time. It made me feel really good because that is part of the reason I really started to kick it into gear 5 weeks ago. My blood pressure is still slightly elevated but I'm sure with a little more weight gone it'll be back to normal soon. Bellydancing was a blast again and I think I'm catching on pretty quickly.

Friday I went shopping and out to eat with my best friend Erin. I need to learn to make better decisions when we go out to eat. Lately I've been pretty good but Friday I was taken over by the temptation monster. We had mozzarella sticks as an appetizer, 9 for only the 2 of us!! I only ate 2 (I know I know I shouldn’t have even touched them) and then moved on to the main dish: chicken tenders and french fries. I swear chicken tenders are my kryptonite. I did pretty well but I could have done A LOT better. I ate 3 of the 5 chicken tenders, about half of my fries (with the BEST honey mustard ever made) and water to drink. I would have done relatively well if I stopped there but of course I didn’t! I then had a chocolate mousse "shooter" for dessert with cooking crumbles and whipped cream. AMAZING! But worth it? Definitely NOT and I will be kicking my own ass up and down the gym to pay for it. I almost never order dessert so I'm not sure what came over me.

Saturday I layed pretty low, I scratched my eye pretty badly and was dealing with the pain of that most of the day. I did go grocery shopping to stock up on food for the week though. I wanted to go to the gym but since I couldn’t wear a contact in my right eye (and I don't own glasses at the moment) I was not comfortable driving to the other side of town with only one good eye haha. Instead I popped in my "Workout" DVD by Jackie Warner. (The one they made on the tv show Workout. Great show!) Her and her trainers proceded to kick my ass for the next hour. I'm glad it was tough because it made me feel better for not making it to the gym and I know I still got in a great workout.

Sunday was the best day of all! Why you ask? It wasn’t because I got to clean the bathrooms or do my laundry or prepare my food for the next week (even though these were all VERY exciting...not). It was because it is OFFICIALLY FOOTBALL SEASON!! I forgot how much I miss football in the offseason. Not only do I miss watching the games (GO VIKINGS!! Sorry Packer Fans!) but I also miss the cool breeze and smell in the air that means Fall is fast approaching. I love Fall. It is my 2nd favorite season. (next to Football of course!) Here in Wisconsin, Fall is absolutely breathtaking. I'll make sure to take lots of pictures this year for you guys to see. I love sweatshirt weather and cuddling next to a fire or on the couch with a blanket watching a movie. I love hearing the breeze and seeing the leaves scatter across the street. What I don’t like is knowing that the 6 month Winter we have here in the Midwest is close behind the arrival of Fall but I try not to think about it too much. I made it to the gym last night with abs as my focus and light inner/outer thighs and biceps/back.

I plan on going to the gym tonight after I get my haircut. I might be getting 6 inches cut off my hair! I'm excited but VERY nervous :-) I never get my hair cut and it is currently almost down to my butt. I think I could easily stand to lose 6 or more inches (now if I could just cut that off my waist haha)

Hope you all have a wonderful night. Biggest Loser starts tomorrow!! Ahh so excited! AND the Big Brother Finale is tomorrow! Wow so much to watch in one night!

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  1. You will have no problems getting the BP down. Once you're below 140 on Systolic and 90 on Diastolic, you'll be in a healthy range, and well on track to a standard average, about 120/80.

    You can be proud of yourself. You're doing a great job. Yes a few errors creep in, but yes it is a learning curve, and yes you can learn from such things, and whilst it does take time, I believe you can do it, and do it well.

    GOOD LUCK, best wishes, chin up, and WELL DONE thus far.

    :-) :-).