Friday, September 18, 2009

Fabulous Friday

Happy Friday! It's about time!! Ugh is anyone else having SEVERE allergy problems like I am? I don't know if its just the Midwest or what but wow are allergies crazy this year! I'm so stuffed up everyone keeps asking if I'm okay because I sound horrible, haha.

Last night my friend and I went shopping and out to eat. I bought a cute pair of glasses because I don't own any and my eyes really need a break from wearing contacts all the time. They were only $45 after my insurance chipped in and they'll be ready in about 2 weeks. I'm kind of excited but I'm not sure why because I'll still wear contacts about 90% of the time. It's always fun to get something new though!

We went to Chili's for dinner. I did pretty well. I got the Guiltless Grilled Buffalo Chicken Sandwich with steamed broccoli and water to drink. We also had chips and salsa as an appetizer. I was sooo tempted to get the honey glazed chicken crispers (my favorite!!) but I was proud that I stayed away. It was also nice and cheap only $10 and that included the tip!

After dinner we went to the mall and I found the dress I'm going to wear for my bday party. I'm not sure if I mentioned this before but the dress I originally wanted from Forever 21's plus size line Faith 21 is not being carried in my size at the current moment. I also read some reviews online that the line runs very small and I was already worried that the 2x wasn't going to fit me. I made the decision (it was hard because the dress is sooo cute!) to find another dress. I found a very cute navy blue one at Macy's but it was $80, I would have to order it offline and I was worried that I wouldn't have time to exchange it if it didn't fit. So me and my friend headed over to D.E.B Shop and luckily all of their homecoming dresses are out right now so it was very easy to pick a few quick and try them on. The one I picked out is a knee length spaghetti strap. The bodice is leopard print with a hot pink sash underneath that ties in the back and the waist down is black with ruffles. It's very cute and only $30! I'm going to try to get hot pink heels we'll see if I can actually find any haha! I really liked how I looked in the dress. I realized after we were done shopping, that when I was trying on the dress I wasn't nit-picking at everything I didn't like about how it fit me because I was very happy about how it fit me. Usually I just settle on something because I can't find anything that would look much better but I was very happy with this dress and it's nice to have some confidence in my body for once. I could definitely see some changes in my body, specifically my arms and stomach. It felt very very good. Needless to say, I'm a very happy girl today :-)

My goal is to get to the gym tonight, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday before my next weigh in. I've decided to switch my weigh in day to Tuesday and up my goal to 20 pounds by my birthday. That means I have 7.9 more to go! I put a couple lists on the right hand side of my blog, one for my weigh in's and one for my goals. I could only remember a couple of my weigh in's without looking at my sheet so once I find that I'll complete the weigh in section up until last week.

Alright that's enough for now, have a wonderful weekend! I'm going hiking tomorrow with the fam. I'm excited!!

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  1. You could increase consumption of Apples, Peppers and Onions, especially Red Onions, as they contain Quercetin, which amongs other things is an Anti-histamine, which might help to some extent attenute the allergy symptoms.

    You are doing really well, so stick at it, and GOOD LUCK.

    :-) :-).