Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Embarassing? Yes...Suprising? No

So even though I'm very embarrassed right now I figured that talking about what just happened would help me to kick my own ass.

So I decided to finally weigh myself seeing as I haven't since I "started" this journey back in January. So since my digital scale sucks and I need to get a new one I hopped on my mom's non-digital scale (is there a better term for that?) and guess what happened? I exceeded the weight limit of 266 lbs. Hmm how embarrassing? But unfortunately not surprising. So I hopped on my digital scale and tried to get a reading I thought was about right. Now my digital scale gives me a different reading every time I stand on it and it varies depending on if I move the scale or not. So the general reading was about 270. Blah. It makes me feel so gross. I figure since I'm not positive about my exact weight right now my first goal is to get down to a weight that I can actually measure on my mom's scale. Ha

So anyways I plan on taking pictures tonight and will post them on my pictures page that is currently empty. Ooops. I'll let you guys know when they're up.

I've been steady researching recipes to make and have found a ton really yummy looking ones on (Thanks to the blogger who suggested this website!!) Tomorrow I'm going to the grocery store with my mom and I think I'm going to get stuff to make Blueberry Turkey Burgers. They sounded soooo good in the recipe I hope they are! I think I'm also going to get stuff to make Veggie Quesadilla's so I can get this weight loss mission on a role.

So I hope you all are having a great Wednesday! And thank you to ALL of you for your ongoing inspiration.



  1. I am so glad you liked the website. I have been in love with it since I found it!!! No other recipe website has come even close. Just keep consistent and I know you will reach your goal!!!

  2. caloriking is also great to see how many cals are in the foods you eat.

    and is great to track all the food you eat in a day.