Friday, April 24, 2009

New Love...

So I found a new love...


I've never been much of a cooker and basically relied on my mom for meals (pretty lame I know). But I've come to realize that if I want healthy meals I have to make them myself so I can prepare them how I need and want them prepared. Last night I went grocery shopping and got supplies to make Blueberry Turkey Burgers and Veggie Quesadillas. I made the burgers last night and oh my goodness they are AMAZING! I don't even know how to describe them. They are kind of sweet which isn't a suprise considering there are blueberries in there. I brought one for lunch today with some steamed asparagus and lowfat mozzarella cheese to put on top. I def. should have bought wayyyy more asparagus, I forgot how much I LOVE it! Too delicious!! I can't wait for 11am to roll around!

Didn't work out at all yesterday but I will be taking a walk with my mom after work. She usually walks about 2 miles. This weekend I'm going to start getting into the circuit training and then start full blast on Monday. It's going to be fun and I think I'm actually going to enjoy it. I know it'll make me feel and look better so I can't wait to get started.

Happy Friday!!


  1. cooking is fun it gives u more control and who doesnt love that kinda power lol

  2. i'm trying to love cooking more. i know i eat way better when i cook at home!! your blueberry turkey burgers sound good. :)

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