Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Protein Shake? For Breakfast?

So I need your guys help! Please? :-)

So I've been thinking about starting to have protein shakes in the morning for breakfast. The problem? I have no idea where to start and no knowledge really on this subject. That's where you lovely people come into play :-) Do any of you have protein shakes for breakfast or any other meal? If so, what are your favorite recipes or essential things to put into it? I know that a lot of protein shakes call for some kind of protein powder. For some reason I've always been "leary" of using protein powder, I feel as though it's not as nutritious or good for you as regular food. What do you guys think of protein powder and which ones are your favorite? Also, I saw that you can substitute egg whites instead of using protein powder. Is this as effective?

Sorry for all of the questions!! Hopefully someone out there has the energy and knowledge to answer them.


Happy Hump Day!!


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  2. Hi there, I'm Matt, pleased to meet you :-). you might have seen me around before now. I happened to find you from posting on Vanessas blog.

    Firstly to answer your question, basic Whey Concentrate Protein powders come in two forms, Carb free and Carb loaded.

    Carb loaded can be good, but sometimes the levels might be a bit much, and also the levels are fixed.

    I would suggest if you want Carb free, you just get a basic concentrate, as it's a bit cheaper usually than Isolate, and add the Carbs yourself. You can easily mix in things like Crushed Oats and / or Honey, to help create an Insulin spike that will assist with protein usage.

    Or you could have a solid Carb source, perhaps from things like A small bowl off Whole-grain, or some Whole-grain Bread, with or without Honey on it.

    One thing to avoid with shakes is mixing with Milk.

    There's a few reasons for this.

    1. It increases the Casein content.

    2. Thickens it up.

    3. Increases the Enzyme production in the stomach, (owing to the Lactose content).

    4. Increases the Calories.

    So Water is a better option, but if it tatses funny, things like Honey, or possible others like a bit of Cinnamon, Ground ginger, ground Nutmeg, or Vanilla essence, might perk up the taste. Something perhaps to play around with.

    I also wanted to say, that I can tell from your postings, you are a very emotionally tactile person. You express yourself in a great way, and you definiely have a lot of personality.

    I can tell why your bf thnks so much of you, but I can also understand why you want to do what you want to do.

    I would say from your profile image, you certainly are a young Lady with great looks, and I think the person you are inside shines though.

    I admire your efforts, and I appreciate that it is hard, when all you've known in life, is a lifestyle, that is to some extent self defeating, but you've proven by your wants, and many of your actions and attitude, you are someone who deserves better physical health and longevity, and there are a lot of positives you can take from your efforts thus far.

    I can appreciate it is hard, and I would say, don't look upon yourself as someone with a stop start mentality, look upon yourself as someone who deserves to feel special, (not just in a way your bf makes you feel), someone who is deserving of an image, that makes you proud, and feel like you have even more value, worth, and someone who can love themselves, and is capable of so much.

    I've never had any weight issues, but the biggst motivation I've ever had for myself, is to be old, and in relatively good shape.

    Look upon your actions as good for things like Cholesterol, Bone density, Blood pressure etc etc. Not just what you can see. Too many people forget this, when they concentrate on the visable changes, as the other benefits can get lost in translation so to speak.

    I actually can see a world of possibilities for you. You're still young, but certainly as a person, emotionally gifted and I believe someone who can and will, develop even better mental approach to this, and in time use the two to create better physical achievement too.

    One thing to possibly try, is to write a small list of 5 or 6 things, like I AM SPECIAL, I CAN SUCEED etc etc, in big colourful letters, print out one or two, and perhaps stick a printout to something like a Fridge door, or a wardrobe door, as strong, frequently visable reminders of the person you feel you are and deserve to be.

    I really think there is a lot of positives for someone like you. I'd write a lot more, but it's getting late.

    I would say, if you need any more inspiration, motivation or ideas, I go somewhere called, come check us out sometime if your interested. You'd always be a welcome part of our "community", and we have a lot of great lady members of all ages too, so you'll be in great company if you wish.

    I won't push that though. If it's not your thing, I will respect that 100%. You're a Lady so it goes without saying I'll respect your wishes :-).

    I hope to follow your journey if you'll let me, but in the mean time, I extend you lots of luck, very best wishes, and say, don't be afraid to question yourself sometimes, and don't be afraid to fall. A big part of a journey like yours, is not necessarily how often you fall, but how quickly you get back up.

    You certainly have the heart and mind to go all the way, and judging by your photo, when you do, I don't doubt you will look even more feminine and glowing than you already do, and deserve to be so proud of yourself.

    You certainly deserve the things in life you alrady have.

    Have a great day, chin up, and very, very best wishes with all you do.

    :-) :-).


  3. Hello! I am not on your blog list at all, but I love to read some of these fitness blogs. I have struggled with finding a morning meal that is fast and filling. I recently lost 22 pounds, by working with a trainer, and being on meal plan. I am engaged to a personal trainer, so I stopped working with my other trainer. To answer your question, I have recently started having protein shakes for breakfast. They are fast and easy. I got a big bag of mixed fruit at Sam's Club, it was like $8. I put two cups of this frozen fruit, and then I put a scoop of WHEY protein in it. This has zero carbs, and 23 grams of protein a scoop. I also purchased my protein at Sam's Club. It's EAS Vanilla flavor, and it's great! I do have a weight loss blog that I recently started writing on again, and it's

  4. OH yea, I also add water instead of milk. It turns out creamy and yummy!