Friday, April 17, 2009

The Weekend Has Arrived!!

So I'm doing my best to blog more, I mean what's the point of having one of these if I don't write in it?

This weekend is going to be SUPER busy!! But it'll be lots of fun. Tonight I have to rest up because i'll basically be in autopilot on Saturday and Sunday. Tomorrow we have a family wedding to attend in Hampshire, Illinois which isn't too far outside of Chicago. It's ab0ut a 1hr 45min. drive from Madison so it's not too bad. I am re-evaluating my sanity, however, regarding my ride home. On my way home I'm going to be driving up through Milwaukee and then back to Madison so that I can pick up my boyfriend and bring him to my house for Sunday's festivities. That drive will total about 3 1/2 hours...blah.

It'll be worth it though, because my brother is getting confirmed into the Catholic church on Sunday morning and really wants him to be there for that and the family party afterward. The family party is going to be consistent of both my mom and dad's sides of the family (Even though they are divorced they are still civil) which is about 50 people total.

My mom was praying for good weather, the forecast is showers all day.


Let the chaos begin :-)

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  1. a) I love that you're in Wisconsin...I live in Racine
    b) I love that you have a weight loss blog
    c) you will see me around these parts frequently