Monday, April 20, 2009


So I had a SUPER busy weekend but it was a blast!

Saturday we headed down to Illinois for my cousin's wedding which was tonssss of fun. The wedding was really beautiful, it took place in this really old Catholic Church that was just breathtaking. I've always been really into architecture and hope to someday get a degree in it so I was in heaven once we stepped inside the church. I must say, however, that the best part of the wedding was definetly the fact that my cousin's bulldog, Hotrod, was the ring bearer complete with doggy tuxedo. It was tooo cute! :-) I did pretty well on food at the wedding. We had a delicious salad, pulled pork with bbq sauce, cheesy potatoes and almond green beans. I took little portions of each and didn't have any cake so overall I think I did pretty good.

Sunday was my brother's confirmation, food wasn't too good there. My boyfriend came and met the majority of my extended family for the first time. It went really well but of course the added stress of that plus the fact that we had tons of food: more pulled pork, cheese, crackers, sausage, veggies, fruit, tons of dip and chips, brownies and 3 cakes! Ahhh it was a nightmare for my hips. Trying to get back on track and still searching for some good recipes. I found one for black bean stuffed sweet potatoes that sounds delicious so I think I'm going to try that next.

I want to start doing circuit training for an hour a day, I think it would keep me from not getting bored and I heard it burns more calories than just cardio alone. Does anyone do circuit training or know much about it? I think tonight I'm going to just do some research and planning since I'm bloated and PMS-ing and don't feel like working out lol. It's funny you know how they say that women's cycles synch up after they around each other a lot? It must be true for bloggers too lol because almost everyone I follow on here is getting their lovely visit from TOM right now. Hmm kind of ironic lol.

Well, Happy Monday! :-)

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  1. circuit training is GREAT. you get a great cardio workout while pushing your muscles...definitely worthwhile and you can always change it up!