Thursday, April 23, 2009


So I'm very glad that I weighed myself last night. It helped to open my eyes to what I needed to see. How can I be motivated enough to do anything if I have no idea where the starting line is and how far I have to go to achieve my goals? So I decided now would be a good time to reflect on what has contributed to this weight gain and what I'm going to do to change it.

1. Not exercising - Hmm no surprise here that this has contributed to significant weight gain. My plan is to get my lazy ass up an hour earlier than I do now and work out each morning before work. My problem is when my alarm goes off at 5am I think "No way in hell am I getting up right now" and reset my alarm for 6am. I've come to realize that within 20 minutes of waking up I no longer remember how 'amazing' it feels to be laying in bed, but if I used that extra hour to work out I would see the results. Basically it's waste an hour sleeping that I don't even remember or get my ass up and make a change. I like the latter. I'm a very 'plan-y' person so I've layed out my routine. M-F I am going to do circuit training in the morning. Monday and Friday will be intervals of walking on the treadmill and arms, abs and legs. Tuesday will be treadmill and abs, Wednesday will be treadmill and arms, Thursday treadmill and legs. I will also go on a 2 mile walk after work with my mom when I'm not busy doing other things. Saturday or Sunday (whichever I'm available) I will mix it up doing some kind of cardio. I'm thinking either long walks or maybe doing one of the exercise videos I have.

2. I'm Happily In Love - Now I don't plan on doing anything drastic here lol except re-evaluating using this as an 'excuse' for my weight gain. When you're in love and your boyfriend (or girlfriend) tells you that you are sexy and they love you no matter what it makes you feel ok about eating McDonald's and it makes you feel ok about gaining 10, 20 even 30lbs. If they don't mind it you shouldn't either right? Wrong. Yeah, my boyfriend loves me but if I truely loved myself and was genuinely happy with me and my body, I would be allowing him to love me even more. They say if you don't love yourself no one else can love you as well and it's very true. Not only is this transformation for me but for him as well. He deserves a happy, healthy girlfriend beacuse he is absolutely wonderful.

3. Fast Food - Again, not a huge suprise as to why I've gained weight. I eat fast food multiple times a week. When I'm with my boyfriend we eat fast food, when I'm shopping with my friends we eat fast food, at work for lunch I eat fast food. Man, that's nearly 6 or 7 times a week that I eat fast food. Not only is it bad for my waistline but also for my wallet. I never realized how much money a week I spend on food. I could go and spend $30 at the grocery store and have enough food for lunches and dinners all week. But instead I spend $40 on just lunch and maybe a dinner here and there. So now I need to start buying food to make myself healthy lunches and dinners and refuse to eat out with my boyfriend and friends. Lol easier said than done. I am going to the grocery store tonight to get some stuff to make Blueberry Turkey Burgers and Veggie Quesadillas. Yummy :-)

Whew, sorry for such a long post. I think those are the 3 main reasons for my weight gain and I think that writing them down and now knowing my starting weight will really help me to focus on me and getting healthy and happy. I can't wait, it'll be a fun ride.


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