Monday, April 27, 2009

Mmm Monday

Happy Monday to everyone! Personally my Monday would be much nicer if it would stop raining! It has been raining nearly non-stop since Friday and all last week as well. Hmm oh well I guess it's supposed to be stopping after today. I must say I love logging on here Monday morning after the weekend and reading all the blogs. I purposely don't read anything over the weekend so I have a lot to read come Monday. :-)

Food this weekend wasn't good at all. I honestly can't remember half of the stuff I ate which is the worst part. I'm not choosing what to eat, instead I just shovel stuff into my mouth. I've tried to be very conscious about what I eat so far today. For breakfast I had half of a grilled chicken breast with some ketchup and a small glass of milk. I guess that wasn't enough to hold me over because about 20 minutes ago my stomach started growling so I went upstairs and got a bagel w/ cream cheese from the vending machine. I was very proud of myself because the second I opened it up I threw the bigger half away and just ate 1/2 of the bagel with a tiny bit of cream cheese. According to the nutrition facts, 1/2 of the bagel should be about 115 calories so not too bad. I have also been trying to load up on water. Friday I drank 3L which is really good for me and so far today I've drank about 1L. My goal is to drink at least 3 a day. Today I brought one of my Blueberry Turkey Burgers for lunch. Now don't get me wrong they are very tasty but I am such a visual person that I'm not sure I can get myself to eat it. It looks like a mushed up blueberry muffin but it tastes like a Turkey Burger. I don't know I just hope I get paid today so I can go grocery shopping and get some more yummy healthy foods.

Exercise has been pretty blah. (No surprise there!) I had to be to work at 6am today for some overtime so I wasn't able to do my circuit training this morning but I plan on doing it tonight when I get home and then start doing it in the mornings for the rest of the week. I'm very excited about starting that I think it will really boost my confidence and give me a kick in the butt that I need.

I'm trying to find ways to keep me motivated. I took some "before" pictures (not too cute) and now I just have to find the cord to hook my camera up to my computer to post them (even though I don't want to lol) on here. I think I'll do that tonight. Also, another blogger mentioned starting to take pictures of everything they eat to keep themselves accountable and I think I am going to start that as well. I think it will really help me when I have to stop to take a picture before I eat anything. I suppose that is enough for now.



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  1. Hey thanks for the comment on my blog :)

    I am realizing that a lot of girls have this condition, i do recommend you get checked out if you have some symptoms.

    Also, reading you blog is fun!!

    Good luck with your goals.