Monday, January 26, 2009

Back In Action

So me and my grandma went to the fitness center today and I love it. I joined a fitness center about 2 years ago and I would go almost every night, use the machines and ride the stationary bike for 45 minutes. This fitness center is much much smaller than the one I used to go to but it was never crowded. I'm not sure if no one really knows about it yet because it's so new or if everyone that wants to work out is already stuck to a contract at another fitness center, but hey it's fine with me. Me and my grandma went at 4 and we were there until about 5:30 and at most there were 7 people in there at once. They had every single machine that I wanted, a nice stationary bike and free weights. Basically it's a dream come true and I only have to pay $2 each time I go. It felt very familiar to be back in a gym and it actually felt really really good! I'm excited, what a jolly monday! :-)


- 1 taco salad
- 1 cup 1% milk

- Lean Cuisine Pesto Chicken Pita: 330 calories

- 1 hard boiled egg white
- 1 piece cheese
- 1 handful grapes
- 1 glass water

- Chicken (about the size of a deck of cards)

- Refried Beans (about the size of two 50cent pieces)
- Salad (lettuce with a touch of bleu cheese dressing)
- Fruit Mixture (1 apple and 1 orange)
- 1 glass 1% milk

- 30 minutes on stationary bike: 220 calories
- Various weight machines after bike

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