Friday, January 23, 2009

Temptation vs. Convenience

Ugh.. so my diet went south. Like south pole south. I was doing really good and honestly not really having any cravings. It was more that the bad food was just there and it was easy and convenient. For dinner on Wednesday I had a piece of pizza and 6 breadsticks with a glass of hawaiian punch. When I look back on that I see that I could have easily cut that piece in half and only ate one breadstick. Oh yeah, and how about water? I really need to learn how to drink that stuff. The real problem came later. My boyfriend lives an hour away and I didn't get on the road to drive home until 1am. Now usually I stop at a PDQ on the way home and grab a Pepsi Max and something with sugar, usually a doughnut, to keep myself awake. Well I banned soda from my diet and doughnuts are definetly a no-no. Well about 10 minutes into my drive I was feeling rather sleepy and I knew that for my safety and the safety of others that I needed to get something in my system. So what did I get? Oh yes, a Pepsi Max and a doughnut. I really didn't plan out my trip well enough and I need to find something else to stuff my face with on the way home. I was thinking some crunchy vegetables, maybe carrots or celery? And water of course, even though I do love my Pepsi Max. I might have to make a once a week exception on the soda, to ensure that I stay awake, I'm not sure yet. Now if you thought that was bad I'm not done! Yesterday I was home sick from work with a terrible migrane/dizzy spell. Well about 3 o'clock one of my friends asked me to tag along while she did some errands and I was in desperate need of some out of the house time so I obliged and tagged along. Since I didn't get up until 3 I really didn't have a breakfast or lunch. When I woke up I had a hard-boiled egg and piece of cheese and I was quite proud of myself for those selections. Well my friend and I ended up at her sisters art show where there were excellent munchies and treats. For the most part I maintained my urge to binge but I did have a cookie and a homemade eggroll ( <--most delicous thing ever!). We then proceeded to go back to her house to watch the "Sex and the City Movie" ( <--best movie ever!) and of course stopped at McDonald's on the way home. I got a 10 piece chicken nuggets with a diet coke. Ugh Ugh Ugh. What else do I say? And the worst part was that I wasn't even craving any of it and none of it really tasted that great, it's just the simple fact that it was there and it was easy, bleh. Well today is a new day, and it's going to be a great one! A friend from highschool is coming home and we're going out to eat but I know that if I cut everything in half I can come out of there w.o totally murdering my diet.

Wish me luck!

-1 apple sausage
-1 peach yoplait yogurt: 100 calories
-1 glass 1% milk: 150 calories

-Lean Cuisine Chicken Ranch Club: 330 calories



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  1. Don't get down on yourself about what you ate that day. those days happen. remember that tomorrow is another day! you can do it don't loose hope!! keep at it GIRL!