Thursday, January 15, 2009

Let's Try This Again...

So I'm back and ready to redeem myself from the atrosity that was my previous post. So as I stated in my last post, I am here on a weight loss mission. One that will be accomplished, no if's and's or but's (although mine could use some help). Now a little about myself, I'll try not to bore you. I've been overweight my entire life and like everyone else I've tried many times and many different things to 'battle the bulge'. And obviously nothing has worked. As I wrote that post last night I realized what my problem really was: I'm lazy. Plain and simple. I mean for heaven's sake I couldn't even stay online long enough to write a decent blog. A task that merely asks that I sit on my fat behind and let my fingers do the talking (of course my beauty sleep was far more important). Which brings up another issue, I'm lazing my life away because being overweight sucks the energy out of your pores. I sit around all night, doing a little task here and a little task there but mostly my night consists of watching tv, taking a shower and eating dinner. Now don't get me wrong, that would be a wonderful relaxing evening on say maybe a Friday or Saturday night. But almost everynight?! I do spend a couple nights out with my boyfriend or a couple of my girls but if I'm not with them I'm on the couch with food. (Hmm I wonder how I got so overweight?) I'm only 20 years old and I plan to start living now. No more excuses. I need to not only do this for me but also for my loved ones. I've really started to realize how much my loved ones deserve an active, happy, outgoing Jenny. Not a fat, lazy excuse for a girl. I've started to see it the most with my boyfriend. He is the most amazing man that I've ever been blessed enough to know. We have a ton of fun, he makes me so happy and we're very much in love. He has clearly expressed that he could care less what my weight is but I still feel that I am being unfair to him as well as myself. He treats me like a princess and he deserves to have the 'smokin hot' girlfriend that you see in movies. So I'm going to sculpt a nice new body and an amazing new life. I will officially be starting January 19th, 2009 and hope to be 'maintaining' my new weight exactly one year from now. My next step is making goals and figuring out what my rewards I will get 'when' I achieve them (ha I'm trying to start off with a positive attitude). That'll be in a new post, probably tonight as my lunch break is over at work :-/ and I feel guilty already. The office ordered chinese for lunch and of course I caved and got some as well. Wow was it good though! I guess I better indulge while I have the chance right? (wrong, that's what got you looking like this you moron) Now if I could just listen to my head instead of my stomach. :-)


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