Tuesday, January 27, 2009


"Think Of Where You Would Be Now"

My brother would say that to me when I would tell him about starting a new diet or exercise routine. He would say, "You know if you sticked to the last diet you started, think of where you would be now." It's the truth. If I had stuck to my first diet/workout routine ever back in sophomore year of highschool, I wouldn't be fighting my weight right now but instead maintaining it. Things are different this time, I don't know why but they are and I can feel it. I'm not sure if it's because I'm writing on here nearly every day so it's keeping me accountable and I can see my progress instead of trying to remember it, or if it's because I'm ready. Im truley ready to be a different person. To change for the better. I realized that until you're ready to change, you never will. You may start out good but eventually you will go back to how you were. Not only do you have to be strong physically but also mentally. Ironically enough, the weight loss battle forces you to be stronger mentally than anything else. You may be able to run a 5k and do 200 crunches but until your mind coaxes you off the couch, it'll never happen. I know that I'm ready, I feel it. I've revised my exercise plan and I hope it's not too much starting out, but I think I can do it, I have faith in myself. I will be going to the gym 6 days a week. I will do 35 minutes of cardio (riding a stationary bike and maybe try a stair stepper eventually) Instead of doing all the weight machines every day, I will focus on one area of my body a day. I will alternate between 3 groups: Legs, Arms/Shoulders and Abs/Back. That way I will have 2 days a week focusing soley on one area. I figure I will do about an hours worth of work on each area for their day. I hope a can do it and maybe incorporate more than an hour eventually. My only hesitation was that maybe I should be doing a little bit of abs everday since you really don't need to rest your ab muscles. I think I might to a couple reps on the ab machine on the arms and legs days but do a full hour of abs on the abs day. Hmm I'll think about that one :-) Happy Tuesday!

- Chicken (about the size of a deck of cards)
- Refried Beans (about the size of two 50cent pieces0
- 1 glass 1% milk

- Lean Cuisine Chicken w. Basil Cream Sauce: 290 calories
- Water

- 1 hard boiled egg white
- 1 piece of cheese

- 1 small bowl of goulash (macaroni noodles with beef and spaghetti sauce)
- 1 piece of Italian bread
- 1 strawberry yoplait yogurt: 100 calories
- 1 glass 1% milk

- 3 liters!!

- 30 minutes on a weird stationary bike thingy: 130 calories :-(
- leg machines (squats, inner/outer thighs, front and back of thighs)
- 3 sets of 15 reps on the ab machine

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  1. You are so right about being ready for a change. If your not ready, it doesn't work. I think it is great that you are going to do this and any advice you need or just a pat on the back you can always come visit my blog! :)