Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fresh Start

So tomorrow I'm doing a much needed "do-over". I got off track with eating so I'm starting again and revising some of my goals. I've realized that cutting soda out of my life completely is not realistic. The reason is because when I'm on my way home from visiting my boyfriend at night and I am tired I need something to keep me awake. Pepsi Max does the trick and since it does I'm sticking to that. That doesn't mean, however, that I am going to re-introduce myself to soda. I am only allowing myself to drink soda when I am traveling home from his house and that's it. Also, I need to find a way to get me to stop diving into temptations when I'm with my friends. When I'm with my boyfriend I'm going to start packing snacks for me to eat because every time I go there we eat out. Now he can eat out and I'll eat my healthy snacks. :-) When I'm with my friends, however, we shop for hours or go to a movie or whatever and then we're hungry. Restaurants and fast food seem like the only options. Not only is it expensive, it's very unhealthy and I need to find a way around it. On the plus side though, my grandma told me about a fitness area at the local community center that is open for the public to use for only $2 per visit and you don't have to sign any kind of contract. We are going tomorrow when I get off of work to see if I like it. I was planning on joining the YMCA tomorrow but if I like this then that's what I'll be doing because hey $2 and no contracts?! Who can beat that? :-) I feel positive and I hope this week is better than last. Toodles


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  1. Hey Jenny, just checking in on you. Great news on the fitness center! You can't change everything all at one time. Limiting soda sounds like its a better plan for you right now!

    Keep up the good work. :)