Monday, January 19, 2009

A Journey of 100 Miles Begins With One Step...

So I haven't taken any pictures yet or even weighed myself, as I am still trying to find my scale. Seems I may have hid it sometime in my past so I never had to look at it again. Unfortunately now I need it and I may just succumb to buying a new one this afternoon. I figured I would start blogging what I ate today before it's the night and I forgot what I had earlier. I woke up late since I have off work today therefore I didn't really eat breakfast.

-Handful of grapes
- 1 Lean Cuisine Pesto Chicken Flatbread - 330 calories
- 1 glass 1% milk - 100 calories

- 1 piece low-fat cheese

- 2 meatloaf muffins
- 1 yoplait yogurt
- 1 glass 1% milk

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